30 Day Shred: The Pros and Cons

pros and cons of 30 day shred

I am now eight days into a home workout “programme” called the 30 Day Shred. You may have heard of it before – you might have even heard it from me – but I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what it is and run through some pros and cons. The 30 Day Shred is a 20-minute workout … Read More

Ruth Crilly30 Day Shred: The Pros and Cons

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

standard hollywood restaurant

I have found myself absolutely craving this Ahi Tuna salad recently. I ate it three times whilst staying at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood last year and it was the perfect summer-day dish. Light, fresh, really healthy and the zing from the fennel and grapefruit made it brilliant for livening me up mid-afternoon when the jet-lag kicked in! I can’t … Read More

Ruth CrillySeared Ahi Tuna Salad

Five Little Diet Changes

ruth crilly model health

It has been a while since I did a health and diet post so I thought I’d provide you with a little video update with the bits and bobs that I’ve changed recently. You can just skip straight to the video if you like, but I’m going to briefly run through everything that I discuss just in case you hate … Read More

Ruth CrillyFive Little Diet Changes

My Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

ruth crilly model

Following on from the diet tips video (see here for that) we have my top five fitness and exercise tips. All common sense, again, with a few rambling old thoughts thrown in for good measure. I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment – I want to try lots of new classes and activities, so do keep … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

Barry’s Bootcamp: Body Blitzing Brilliance

anya lahiri ruth crilly

I write this with aching, heavy limbs but an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement: I completed my first ever session at Barry’s Bootcamp. Those from the states might have heard of Barry’s before; it has something of a cult status in LA and New York and is loved by celebrities and supermodels who want to get amazingly toned bods. … Read More

Ruth CrillyBarry’s Bootcamp: Body Blitzing Brilliance

Feel Good Food – More Recipes

jamie ben ruth feel good food

Are you keeping up with all of the brilliant recipes coming out with Feel Good Food? There’s one a week! I’ve been filming again this week – another eight recipes – so lots more to keep you going. I know that many of you love cooking, so I hope that you find these useful. I definitely do – I’ve pulled myself … Read More

Ruth CrillyFeel Good Food – More Recipes

My Five Basic Diet Tips

Five diet tips from a model recommends

I know that the healthy eating tips in the following video are pretty much common sense, but sometimes I do think that we lose sight of the basics when we think about health and diet. There are so many (frankly ridiculous) diets out there and some of the advice on the internet is absurd! It’s no wonder that people can’t … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Five Basic Diet Tips

Recipes: Easy Japanese Bento Box

japanese bento box recipe

I would never in a million years think about creating an entire Japanese lunch in a Bento Box. It screams complicated, does it not? However, break all of the components down into simple steps and it’s not at all difficult. Admittedly, I had a properly brilliant chef doing most of the work, but still… I’ll definitely be attempting this at home. This … Read More

Ruth CrillyRecipes: Easy Japanese Bento Box

Curry Leftovers: Bulked out and Jazzed Up

curry accompaniments

Okay, firstly: I rarely order Indian takeaway. Since making my own (easy, for an example see this prawn & spinach recipe) I can’t abide the claggy, fatty taste of most takeaway curries. I’m not saying that they’re all bad, not by any stretch of the imagination, just the ones near to where I live. I get suggestions from people all the time … Read More

Ruth CrillyCurry Leftovers: Bulked out and Jazzed Up

Goat Cheese and Beetroot Salad for a Low-Carb Lunch

Goat Cheese and Beetroot Salad

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Doesn’t even warrant a recipe, really, but this is one of my favourite quick salads and I knock this out if I want to have a low-carb lunch. I’m not too overly obsessed with all the low-carb stuff, but if I’ve eaten toast for breakfast and then I know I want pasta for something for dinner, … Read More

Ruth CrillyGoat Cheese and Beetroot Salad for a Low-Carb Lunch