NutriBullet 900 Pro: The Ultimate Healthy Smoothie Maker

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And so, when I had only just got my head around the idea of juicing, something else was thrown into the mix: blending. As in smoothies. (But not the mango and papaya sweet-as-you-like things you can buy with your croissants in the morning; we’re talking very green and very healthy smoothies, here. Spinach and spring greens and avocados and blended-up [...]

It’s All Good (but remember the measuring cups)

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I have to say that, despite Mr AMR’s scepticism, Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe book, It’s All Good, is rather good. Although some may find the introductory chapter a little off-putting (full of ingredients that might seem unfamiliar or difficult to get hold of), once you get stuck into the recipes themselves, they are mostly quite straightforward. OK, perhaps not mostly straightforward, [...]

Farewell, Délice Framboise – Hello Chickpeas…

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After three days of relentless face-stuffing in Paris, I am well and truly ready to kickstart my healthy eating plan again. Actually, there is no plan and there never really has been – I just try to not eat platefuls of pasta and macaroons and huge baguettes filled with jambon et fromage – but I have a few [...]

The Five Day Juice Detox: Thoughts

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Drinking four lots of juice a day instead of eating actual food isn’t my idea of a laugh, but I agreed to take part in the World’s Biggest Juice Detox for a number of reasons, the main one being (as it so often is) curiosity. I had the insatiable urge to know what kale, spinach, courgette and [...]

Eat: Chucking it all in the Pan.

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Another cookbook recommendation for you. I mentioned Nigel Slater’s Eat in my Christmas book post a few weeks ago, (find that post here), and since then I’ve been able to give it quite a good read through. It’s a funny little collection of recipes, really, because the main focus is on tastes and ingredients and the way [...]