How To Get A Model Body: Part 7,987

Fashion Model

I have given this post a ridiculous title because I could literally write that many posts on things you can do to get a more svelte, toned figure. Recipes, little exercises, mental trickery, self-brainwashing, all kinds of things could make their way into a series of posts dedicated to ‘getting in shape’. I could (maybe I should?) write an entire … Read More

Ruth CrillyHow To Get A Model Body: Part 7,987

What A Difference a (fake) Tan Makes…

Lingerie Model Ruth Crilly

Excuse the rather stiff pose here; it’s difficult trying to breathe in as well as hold every muscle in your body as tautly as possible. This is the kind of position I have to adopt every time I go into the agency for lingerie polaroids and, if I’m actually doing a lingerie job, I have to spend the entire eight … Read More

Ruth CrillyWhat A Difference a (fake) Tan Makes…

Superfast, Emergency Body Overhaul!

model body overhaul

On Monday I have to go to the agency to have lingerie polaroids done for a big job, and I will hold my hands up and admit it: I have slightly let myself go. Only a little bit – we’re not talking drastic weight-gain here, just a slight – what I like to call – ‘softening’ of the body in all the important … Read More

Ruth CrillySuperfast, Emergency Body Overhaul!

Lubatti Anti-Cellulite Oil

lubatti anti-cellulite oil

If you’re looking for a luxurious, indulgent post-bath treat in your anti-cellulite product, rather than a caffeine-packed clinical-esque gel formula, then look no further than Lubatti’s anti-cellulite oil. Over the past six months I have been testing out quite a lot of body ‘firmers’ and anti-cellulite products, and I like this one because it’s unusual. You apply it to damp, … Read More

Ruth CrillyLubatti Anti-Cellulite Oil

Customised Cellulite-Busting Lotion!

clarins body shaping supplement

There is no seasonal respite for model bum and thighs – they could be called upon to perform at any minute.

Ruth CrillyCustomised Cellulite-Busting Lotion!