How to Get Scouted? The Models 1 Instagram Search!

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I love this model search that my agency, Models1, are running. You enter by uploading a “selfie” (self-portrait taken on your smart phone, in case you’re as out-of-the-loop as I am!) to your Instagram and make sure to tag @models_1uk in with the hashtag #makememodels1. It’s a great (and incredibly quick and easy!) way to [...]

Perhaps I’m Not Your Average Model?

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I made this video to mark an interesting occasion: 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. I say “interesting” because I honestly didn’t set out to make Youtube videos – A Model Recommends, for me, was mostly about the writing. I made little product review videos to embed into this site as a way of showing products in action, [...]

Model FAQ: do I need an agent to be a model?

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To become a model you must get an agent. Not just because that’s how you get to go on castings and book jobs, but for your safety and well-being. An agent acts as a ‘buffer’ between yourself and the client – if there’s a problem between you and a client, then the agency will be [...]

Model FAQ: At What Age Should I Start Modelling?

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So here’s the thing: you could start modelling, if you were so inclined, at around the age of fourteen. Although many agencies officially state that they won’t take on girls younger than sixteen, there’s an unofficial ‘buffer zone’ that they often dip into so that they can get a girl ready to work when she [...]

Model FAQ: Could I Be A Model?

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This must be the most frequently asked question of all: “Do you think I could be a model?” Girls send me snapshots and statistics, descriptions of their faces, how much they think they might grow by their sixteenth birthday; there’s only one real way to find out if you could be a model, and that’s [...]

Model FAQs!

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So many people email me asking about modelling that I have decided to set up a little section called Model FAQ. I can’t possibly answer all the emails individually, because I simply don’t have the time! Same goes for personal requests for skincare recommendations or shades of makeup for certain skin-tones; I wish that I [...]