Things I Shouldn’t Have Clicked On #3,476

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Oh, I’ve just done something extremely dangerous. I didn’t know that it would be dangerous, at the time, but it turns out that it was: I clicked onto L.K. Bennett and I now want about twelve thousand things from the new collection, including the Florette shoes that I could have bought in the sales, but didn’t because I deliberated for too long. But I … Read More

Ruth CrillyThings I Shouldn’t Have Clicked On #3,476

The Henrietta Bra: A Success!

ruth crilly lingerie model

Partly because I am so bloody pleased with my photograph, I’m mentioning my Boux Avenue Henrietta bra again. It’s hard to take a good picture of a bra, you know – they just don’t stand up properly and they look all weird and abstract without boobs in them. This one (if you ignore the fact that I left the label on) … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Henrietta Bra: A Success!

The Comfiest High-Heeled Boots: Part 2

comfy high heel boots

After the success of the UGG Shezbies and the more recent arrival of my Savoie boots (pictured above), I can now officially confirm that UGG really do make the most comfortable high heels in existence. My Shezbies (first posted here) have seen me on and off more buses and tube escalators than I care to think about; but it is worth noting … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Comfiest High-Heeled Boots: Part 2

Uh Oh. Net-a-Porter Sale: Round 2

net-a-porter sale 70%

I thought that I was done and dusted with my sales posts (and my sales shopping!) but then an email pinged into my inbox and resisting opening it would have been akin to placing a lively mouse in front of a cat and expecting the cat to simply ignore it. It was the Net-a-Porter email that they send out as … Read More

Ruth CrillyUh Oh. Net-a-Porter Sale: Round 2

Shopping the Sales: What I’ve Bought. So Far.

sales shopping luxury

My sales shopping has begun in earnest; stricter and more methodical than ever this year, because I need every spare penny for important house renovations! It’s all too easy to go crazy with online shopping when prices start being slashed – no queues, no awful try-on sessions in badly-lit changing rooms. This year I have made a list to keep … Read More

Ruth CrillyShopping the Sales: What I’ve Bought. So Far.

The Look Book Video…

daily mix lookbook

Just in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to in Dubai: I’ve been here with Daily Mix TV making special vids for their Youtube channel. I especially enjoyed creating the Look Book video – I didn’t even know these things existed. It’s basically a kind of moving fashion shoot and I’ll definitely be filming some of my own … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Look Book Video…

Window Shopping: Best Winter Sweaters

best knitwear fashion post

My sweater shopping has begun in earnest. I’m trying to keep the heating bill down as I now have a house that seems to literally suck any kind of warmth from the air and dispose of it out of some form of secret trapdoor in the roof. As I type this I am wearing a vest, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved … Read More

Ruth CrillyWindow Shopping: Best Winter Sweaters

Step Away from the Sale.

lk bennett flora shoes

 I’ve been ever so good recently. Ever so, ever so good. I can’t remember the last time I bought something fashion-related – it’s all curtains and wallpaper and “which mixer tap do you like?” at the moment. So it’s almost a shame that I stumbled upon the LK Bennett Autumn sale – it’s far too much temptation for one woman … Read More

Ruth CrillyStep Away from the Sale.

It’s Pyjama Time Again…

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I have been pondering pyjamas. I’m in the market for some new ones – bottoms only, I can’t be doing with the whole shirt-and-trousers routine, not yet. Not pre-70. (I say that “in public”, but really I do quite like the matching sets. I have to come clean about this otherwise my Mum will embarrass me in the comments and … Read More

Ruth CrillyIt’s Pyjama Time Again…

The Best Bright Lingerie

underwear reviews

OK, time for me to brighten up my undies drawer. There’s nothing more pleasing, lingerie-wise, than having a matching set in some outrageous colour hiding out underneath layers of autumnal knitwear. There’s something wonderful about an oversized grey cashmere sweater slipping off a bare shoulder to reveal a neon orange bra-strap. (It’s the small things in life.) All of the … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Best Bright Lingerie