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Love Thyself: Sexytime Gifts

too faced perfect powder

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? I’m not so keen. In our eleven years together, I don’t think that Mr AMR and I have ever been out on Valentine’s night – it brings up dreaded images of restaurants filled with heart-shaped balloons, “special romance” menus atop each table, people staring at each other awkwardly over congealed plates of penne carbonara. ... Read More »

January Beauty Favourites

ruth crilly model beauty favourites

Ah, here we are again. Monthly favourites. Apologies in advance; I have been on a bit of a beauty “hiatus” this month, partly because I spent the first two weeks of it watching The Good Wife and partly because I still haven’t properly sorted out my beauty room. I don’t know where anything is and I also seem to have mislaid ... Read More »

Detoxing My Makeup Bag

sewlomax makeup bag

The video below shows an enthusiastic attempt to de-clutter my ridiculously full makeup bag. There were seven foundations in there! Five concealers! Twelve eyeshadow brushes! I wanted a streamlined version with just a few favourite products that I love and can rely on to do the job properly – a lightweight, compact super-kit that I could throw into my handbag and know ... Read More »

December Beauty Favourites

naked 3 palette urban decay

This month’s beauty favourites are unseasonably bronzey and glowy, I’m afraid; I filmed them when I was in Dubai, with the sun streaming in through my hotel window. I’m certain that my picks would have been different had I filmed in my chilly, makeshift beauty room at home – the usual criteria for winter beauty “faves” is that I can ... Read More »

My Five Most-Used Face Bases…

ruth crilly model recommends blog

This video is a bit of a “precursor” to the full-length foundation guide that I’m going to film in the New Year. I’ve picked out my five most-used foundations and bases and shown them in action, along with a little blurb about each and the kind of coverage and finish that they give. I’d like to point out that there ... Read More »

Retro Hair Waves and Natural, Glowing Makeup…

babyliss pro curl waves

I’m rather pleased with my latest video – I’ve mastered the art of the loose curl using my Babyliss Pro Curl! With the accompanying glowy, sunkissed skin I’ll admit that it’s not very Christmassy, but I am in Dubai and it’s about twenty seven degrees here so it just felt wrong to go ahead with my original look… (Glitter, pale ... Read More »

November Beauty Favourites

model beauty tips

Ha! Excuse the hat – my Mum buys me these things now and then and I’d feel it rude if I didn’t indulge her. So you will see in the video that I am wearing my special birthday headgear. Don’t let it distract you from the beauty wonderments in this month’s (or actually last month’s, for it has tipped into ... Read More »

Overnight Skincare Miracles

ruth crilly model skincare tips

I use the word “miracles” in the loosest, most tongue-in-cheek sense, of course. The only real overnight miracle is managing to get more than two consecutive hours of rest, what with the cat blundering around the bedroom like an elderly, blind drunkard and Mr AMR making his various breathing noises. (I am the most intolerant bedroom-sharer you’ll ever meet. I’ve ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes with TWO Magazine and Pandora Jewellery

pandora two magazine ruth crilly

Behind-the-Scenes videos always look so glamorous, I think. The day is usually edited down to a few minutes of high-energy dancing in front of the camera and a few makeup tweaks – the model always looking fabulous in rollers and some kind of silky kimono. Everything goes into fast-motion, MTV style, and the day blurs into a montage of racks ... Read More »

My Updated Autumn Makeup Look

autumn makeup tutorial

Here’s the Autumn makeup look from Monday’s video, shown in full. And yes I did revise it and remove the dark, harsh eyeliner! Although many of you actually really liked it (thank you for your kind words) I couldn’t quite get my head around it and so I re-filmed using shadow around the lashline for softer definition. (For those who wanted ... Read More »