French Skincare: What I Bought at the Pharmacy

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A much-requested video; half the world now seems to be obsessed with the mysterious delights that are kept locked up in the legendary French Pharmacie. I don’t tend to go pharmacy shopping as much as I used to, and that is mainly because the things that I used to stock up on are now widely available. [...]

My Five Most-Used Face Bases…

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This video is a bit of a “precursor” to the full-length foundation guide that I’m going to film in the New Year. I’ve picked out my five most-used foundations and bases and shown them in action, along with a little blurb about each and the kind of coverage and finish that they give. I’d like [...]

Overnight Skincare Miracles

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I use the word “miracles” in the loosest, most tongue-in-cheek sense, of course. The only real overnight miracle is managing to get more than two consecutive hours of rest, what with the cat blundering around the bedroom like an elderly, blind drunkard and Mr AMR making his various breathing noises. (I am the most intolerant [...]

How To: Prepare your Skin for an Important Event

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I’ve finally managed to get around to filming my Preparing for a Beauty Shoot video and I have a feeling that, in a small way, it may be something of an anticlimax. Because I don’t have some kind of crazy twenty-five-step facial routine that I do before a modelling job; I actually keep things very simple. I [...]

Explained On Video: My Simple Skincare Routine

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This routine takes things right back to the skincare basics. For many of you, it may be slightly too obvious, a bit “common sense-y” and for that I’m sorry, but I just felt that I wanted to get some simple skincare steps recorded on video. The importance of proper cleansing, mainly, I suppose, but then [...]

Some SPF Recommendations…

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In this week’s video I run through a few of my SPF recommendations. It’s all pretty self-explanatory if you watch it, but two things to remember: firstly, that you need to use generous amounts of suncare to get the stated level of protection. Recent guidelines say a teaspoon of product for head and neck, which [...]

My “Perfect Legs” Kit

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Two weeks ago, my legs were in a bit of a state. Not at all presentable.  As well as my thighs being a bit wibbly, thanks to my many weeks sitting like a slug in front of the computer, I had managed to burn my bottom (don’t ask), get bitten by some horrid flea-like insect [...]

How I Got Rid Of My Adult Acne

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This post is very much a continuation of an earlier subject: I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had found a link between my bad skin breakouts and drinking milk. No milky, no breakouts. If you want to read more about that then the first post is here. Please do read it (it [...]