Milk and Spots Update

milk pustules

There was really a very impressive response to my post last weekend about milk and spots. If you didn’t read it, then I can sum it up quickly for you (or click here to read the full post): I realised that my breakout problem had completely cleared up at the same time that I stopped drinking so much milk. I … Read More

Ruth CrillyMilk and Spots Update

How to Choose a New Hairstyle

how to choose a new hair style

I’m considering (possibly unwisely) having my hair cut. I always want to get my haircut once I’ve grown it long, it’s a vicious cycle that I fear I’ll never really escape. I get easily bored with my hair and I’m also terrible at making the effort to style it, so when it’s long it either just hangs there like curtains or (most … Read More

Ruth CrillyHow to Choose a New Hairstyle

No Milk = No Spots. Coincidence?

Ruth Crilly A Model Recommends

Look, I just want to put this out there. There’s no risk-free way, at present, of me proving or disproving this little theory I’ve come up with, but I have convinced myself that it’s true and so I want to share. This isn’t intended to be a scaremongering session by any means, I’m just interested to hear your thoughts and … Read More

Ruth CrillyNo Milk = No Spots. Coincidence?

My Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

ruth crilly model

Following on from the diet tips video (see here for that) we have my top five fitness and exercise tips. All common sense, again, with a few rambling old thoughts thrown in for good measure. I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment – I want to try lots of new classes and activities, so do keep … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

Ruth Crilly and Wayne Goss Makeup Questions

Ruth Crilly and Wayne Goss

I filmed a Q&A session with Wayne Goss (makeup artist with a HUGE Youtube following, if you haven’t watched him his channel is here) and thought that you might like a quick look. If anyone reading wants to get into makeup artistry then there’s a really, really good tip from Wayne about where to start. I can’t really believe that the two … Read More

Ruth CrillyRuth Crilly and Wayne Goss Makeup Questions

My Top 5 Skincare Ranges

top five skincare brands

I’ve done a little run-down of the top five skincare ranges of 2012. Now I’m talking about entire ranges here, not about individual products. If I did a top five products then the list might look a little different – this is a video about complete (or almost complete) ranges that I’ve tried, tested and loved. I should do a top products video, really, … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Top 5 Skincare Ranges

Monthly Favourites – With My Mum!

Ruth Crilly Model and Christine Mum

A favourites video with a difference this month: say hello to my Mum! Some of you may know her already from her blog, My Mum Says - if you haven’t read it then do have a little look, I’ll pop the link underneath the video pane. My Mum is almost as obsessed with lovely beauty things as I am – she has … Read More

Ruth CrillyMonthly Favourites – With My Mum!

Model Diets, Breakfasts and Orange Juice.

food vlog

I’ve always had lots of questions asked of me regarding my diet and eating habits – people do tend to assume that there’s some kind of secret formula that models follow that keeps them slim! There is, and it’s called, simply, eating a reasonably healthy and balanced diet. Plus a bit of exercise… And yes, insert all of those clichés … Read More

Ruth CrillyModel Diets, Breakfasts and Orange Juice.

Prepare to Hibernate!

how to hibernate tips on sleeping

This is what you need to do this weekend – tonight, or Saturday, the choice is yours. Hibernation. Turn off your iPhone, your computer, your iPad and Blackberry. Ignore all calls to go into the cold, bitter world outside and instead cosy up under layers of blankets and furry throws. Read a book, flick through a magazine, lie with your … Read More

Ruth CrillyPrepare to Hibernate!

Acne and Breakouts Skincare Update

Ruth Crilly A Model Recommends

Since I last mentioned my pustule-like spots, I have been using one skincare product religiously, and I suppose that is what the video below is all about. It wasn’t until I pared my skincare routine right down to two products (cleanser and then the blemish treatment) that I saw proper, quick results. The red, irritated spots on my cheeks disappeared … Read More

Ruth CrillyAcne and Breakouts Skincare Update