Five Little Diet Changes

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It has been a while since I did a health and diet post so I thought I’d provide you with a little video update with the bits and bobs that I’ve changed recently. You can just skip straight to the video if you like, but I’m going to briefly run through everything that I discuss [...]

My Essentials for the Perfect Makeup Base

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I thought that I’d share with you my current foundation “routine”. Obviously it varies a little from time to time; I adapt it to suit the weather, how my skin’s looking and the products that I want to test out, but this is the general gist of it. I’ve used a radiance primer (Laura Mercier’s) [...]

Perhaps I’m Not Your Average Model?

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I made this video to mark an interesting occasion: 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. I say “interesting” because I honestly didn’t set out to make Youtube videos – A Model Recommends, for me, was mostly about the writing. I made little product review videos to embed into this site as a way of showing products in action, [...]

Milk and Spots Update

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There was really a very impressive response to my post last weekend about milk and spots. If you didn’t read it, then I can sum it up quickly for you (or click here to read the full post): I realised that my breakout problem had completely cleared up at the same time that I stopped [...]

How to Choose a New Hairstyle

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I’m considering (possibly unwisely) having my hair cut. I always want to get my haircut once I’ve grown it long, it’s a vicious cycle that I fear I’ll never really escape. I get easily bored with my hair and I’m also terrible at making the effort to style it, so when it’s long it either just hangs [...]

No Milk = No Spots. Coincidence?

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Look, I just want to put this out there. There’s no risk-free way, at present, of me proving or disproving this little theory I’ve come up with, but I have convinced myself that it’s true and so I want to share. This isn’t intended to be a scaremongering session by any means, I’m just interested [...]

My Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Tips

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Following on from the diet tips video (see here for that) we have my top five fitness and exercise tips. All common sense, again, with a few rambling old thoughts thrown in for good measure. I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment – I want to try lots of new classes [...]

Ruth Crilly and Wayne Goss Makeup Questions

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I filmed a Q&A session with Wayne Goss (makeup artist with a HUGE Youtube following, if you haven’t watched him his channel is here) and thought that you might like a quick look. If anyone reading wants to get into makeup artistry then there’s a really, really good tip from Wayne about where to start. I can’t [...]