Who Will Play Cormoran Strike?

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A burning question, for those of you who’ve read The Cuckoo’s Calling and/or The Silkworm: who, in a TV or film adaptation of the novels, would play Cormoran Strike? Mr AMR and I have spent hours discussing this most important subject and, despite trawling through every single actor in the world on IMDB, we still haven’t found our man. [...]

Yours, Mrs Relaxed.

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Dear Readers, I am too chilled out to even raise a glass of water to my face, let alone write a proper post. Daily schedule has been: wake up, breakfast, lie by the pool with my Kindle, lunch, lie by the pool with my Kindle, nap, lie by the pool with my Kindle, shower, dinner, read my [...]

It’s All Baby Edith’s Fault…

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I’m so terribly sorry; I have been too busy cooing over my niece, Baby Edith, to even consider doing any work. She’s a total distraction. Just started crawling, and Granny has been teaching her how to clap! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, after I have finished pulling silly faces and doing animal impressions. Mooooooo…

Ask Me Anything!

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Just as a bit of fun; I filmed an “Ask Me Anything” video. You ask, I answer. (Within reason, of course! Ha!) I’ll be doing another one soon, so click through and leave your questions on Youtube, or you can pop them in the comments section below if that’s easier. I’ll read through them all [...]

Hands at Cannes

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I found these brilliant photos on my desktop – they were taken by Francois Durand when I was at the Cannes Festival in May. I was in the Dior suite getting ready to walk the red carpet – and if there was ever anything that was going to make you feel nervous about walking the carpet, it [...]

What’s In My Bag?

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Just a bit of Bank Holiday fun. Caroline Hirons searches through the contents of my handbag and finds them to be very disappointing, then I try and sort through her handbag and the five thousand items that she has shoehorned into it. It’s thrilling stuff, it really is – please don’t watch this before bedtime or you’ll never be [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 10

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OK look, I think we may have come to the end of the road with Celebrities who have hair like my Dog. We’re on the tenth instalment and finding victims is getting increasingly difficult. So I thought we’d finish on a bit of a bang and move on to Celebrities with Facial Expressions like my Cat. How [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 9

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Yep. The ninth celebrity with hair like my dog. Who’d have thought there were so many of them? It’s obviously a very “in demand” kind of style. I’ve given you a diverse selection of shaggy-maned celebs – Owen Wilson, Richard Branson, Courtney Love – but now, as we begin to scrape the Google Image proverbial [...]