Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 8

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Thank you, dearest readers, for this week’s Celebrity who has hair like my Dog. This one was a great suggestion and there were so many pictures to choose from on Google Images. I have to ask though, and I am absolutely not intending to be offensive or facetious, because I love a bit of Dolly; is the person [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 7

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How did I miss this one? Courtney Love literally has millions of photos of herself online with her hair looking like Dexter’s! Her Google Image search results are like an Aladdin’s Cave of Dexter-esque hairstyles! It’s also an Aladdin’s Cave of the slightly bizarre and the lipstick-smeared, so I’ve tried to pick a photo that won’t put [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 6

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Yes, we are still pootling along with this feature. I’m not out of ideas just yet! And today’s celebrity with hair like my dog is quite a good one, I think: Jane Fonda. God love her. In her seventies and her hair still looks perfectly coiffed! A little too coiffed, perhaps, to be a true Dexter Hair-Do – his [...]

Midweek Happiness: Dog + Blowing Bubbles

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Bubbles must be quite a weird thing for animals who have never seen them before – touch them and they disappear! I loved Dexter’s little confused face and waggy tail in this bit of video, so I stuck it up on Youtube. A bit of midweek cheer. Enjoy! (In this video I am wearing: jumper from [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 5

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Above: Dexter the Cockapoo. He of ridiculous hair and a penchant for rolling in the faeces of various species. (Poet and didn’t know it.) Below: Yeah! Richard Branson! He of floppy blonde locks and global domination! Just when he thought that he had ticked off all of the goals on his personal “to-do” list, he [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 4

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This week’s celebrity with hair like my dog: Meg Ryan. Please do keep these celebrity suggestions rolling in, they are immense. I may have to start doubling up on my celebrities – or even presenting you with three or four at a time – otherwise we’ll still be here at Christmas! Who would have thought [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 3

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Ah, another instalment of Celebrities who have hair like my dog. What more could you ask for on a Saturday morning? What more? This week I’ve gone for one of the more popular suggestions and it’s possibly the most obvious too – in fact it was this particular celebrity hair comparison that triggered off the whole [...]

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 2

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Above, my dog Dexter; below, Boris Johnson. He definitely has hair like my dog. There are probably many other similarities, but it would be uncouth of me to go into them in any great detail. I’ll stop at “clueless expression” and “naive sense of joie de vivre“. I have Mr AMR to thank for the Boris suggestion; [...]