So You Really Want to Be a Model, Huh? Part 2

funny model pics

This was the day that a German magazine client stuck hair clippings (with glue) to my face to form a moustache and “super-fuzzy eyebrows”. They wanted me to look like Einstein. You can tell how happy I am about that… It got worse – did I mention that this was a lingerie shoot? They didn’t even use the pictures in … Read More

Ruth CrillySo You Really Want to Be a Model, Huh? Part 2

Dexter’s Day Out.

dogs in london

Forgive the random pet post, but this whole dog-owning business is new to me and I feel that my steep-learning-curve-experience requires at least some minimal documenting. And yesterday was a bit of a first: travelling with a puppy into central London. I’ve never had to be responsible for anyone in central London, let alone a small and unpredictable thing such as … Read More

Ruth CrillyDexter’s Day Out.

How to Make Your New Year List…

the new year list

At the start of every New Year I take a piece of paper and I write down all the things that I am thankful for. Yes, I know, pass the sick bucket and all that, but if I can be serious for a second: in this fast-paced, competitive world we now inhabit, it is incredibly important to take a moment … Read More

Ruth CrillyHow to Make Your New Year List…

Christmas: The Aftermath

flood 2013

And how are we all feeling post-Christmas? Bursting stomachs and fuzzy heads? I’ve been really quite abstemious this year – a few glasses of champagne and wine on the significant days, a decent helping of Christmas dinner, but no gluttonous eating and drinking marathons. I did have one too many dark chocolate truffles on Christmas Eve and went a bit queasy, but … Read More

Ruth CrillyChristmas: The Aftermath

Could You Survive In Home Alone?

home alone burglar injuries

A question I have asked myself many times (mainly because I have seen the film so many times): how the hell to the burglars in Home Alone survive all of those injuries? I mean, there’s suspension of disbelief and then there’s just plain ridiculous! You’d be pretty cross with just the heated-doorknob-hand-burn, the broken-Christmas-baubles-in-foot episode and getting feathers stuck to your face, wouldn’t … Read More

Ruth CrillyCould You Survive In Home Alone?

Merry Christmas!

mr bear british shorthair cream cat

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all have a wonderful day with family and friends and lots of merriment. I write this at 00:20 with my hair wet from the rain outside and the end chorus of Hark the Herald Angels still ringing in my ears; I decided to attend midnight mass at my local church, which just happens … Read More

Ruth CrillyMerry Christmas!

Weepy Time. You’re Welcome.

christian and the lion

Right. Don’t watch this video if you’re in a place where it really wouldn’t be very good to start crying. Don’t watch it on the tube, at work, in the supermarket queue or just after you’ve put on your mascara. But when you do watch it, make sure that you read the subtitles. It’s actually quite a beautiful little story and it … Read More

Ruth CrillyWeepy Time. You’re Welcome.

The Turkey Whisperer

the turkey whisperer

I’m not so sure how I feel about eating my Christmas turkey now I know that Mr AMR has been having long conversations with it! We happen to have a quite famous turkey farm in our new village and Mr AMR had made a habit of crossing the road to gobble-gobble at the birds, who would enthusiastically call back to … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Turkey Whisperer

The Reluctant Birthday Girl

birthday cat

I promised something profound for today’s post; nothing comes to mind. I’m writing this on Wednesday night after three hours’ sleep and a nine hour hair shoot and it’s getting quite hard to focus! But I feel as though I should give some kind of “Birthday Message” (despite the fact that I’m a reluctant birthday person, I don’t like to … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Reluctant Birthday Girl

The Oral B Smile Competition: Time to Vote

oral b smile competition

Last month I announced my involvement with Oral B* as a judge in their Smile Competition. It has been running alongside the search for a new beauty model on Sky TV series The Face, which is sponsored by Oral B 3D White Luxe. I have done my judging bit now and I am so pleased that five of my shortlisted faces appear in the final … Read More

Ruth CrillyThe Oral B Smile Competition: Time to Vote