TWO Magazine: July Issue

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The new issue of TWO Magazine is out, featuring another one of the gorgeous fashion shoots that Sam Chapman (from Pixiwoo) and I did in Palm Springs. I think that it might be my favourite one yet – I love the styling and the curly hair. The dress above is from TK Maxx Gold Label [...]

TWO Magazine Photoshoot – Yeee-ha!

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The new issue of TWO Magazine is out and inside it, the first of the fashion stories that I shot in Palm Springs. Yee-ha! I turned into a Cowgirl for the day at Joshua Tree National Park. All in a day’s work… You’ve seen this Hush dress about seventy-five million times now, so I don’t [...]

Surprise Polaroids on Google Images!

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I am at a total loss as to when these polaroids were taken! I absolutely love the outfit! It’s a shame that I’ve kind of shrunk that skirt – maybe I’ll dig it out and see if I can re-shape it. It’s weird though; I have a complete memory fail when it comes to these [...]

Crilly Circa 2002

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I have been going through my old polaroid pictures. I want to scan them into my computer before they fade or get lost in the mountains of papers and old bits and bobs that I have hoarded beneath the spare bed! This polaroid is from 2002, I think. Perhaps even the end of 2001. It [...]

New Dior Campaign Models!

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I jest, of course; ’tis only me. And beautiful Charlotte from the Dior press office. I’d just like to make it clear, though, that we are both available to shoot the next campaign if we’re needed. I mean, I’ll have to check my schedule and everything, but if I’m not at uni or trying to train the [...]

Manhattan Cosmetics Campaign

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Here’s my latest campaign shot for Manhattan Cosmetics in Germany. (Hello German readers!) I hate to blow my own loudspeaker, but my breasts look mighty impressive in that push-up top! I’d probably get arrested for wearing that in public… Here’s the video for the new campaign, in which you can see me larking about, which [...]