Figgy, Floral and Fruity: The Ultra Nourishing Oil

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Last week I wrote about Aurelia’s amazing Firm and Revitalise dry oil; this week it’s Roger & Gallet’s Huile Gourmande that’s taking centre stage. Or I should say that it’s the scent of it, the Fleur de Figuier that’s taking centre stage; it’s quite a loud and colourful summer smell that lingers on the skin and it has that kind of [...]

Dozing Beneath the Fig Tree…

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I’m not quite sure how this fragrance has managed to pass me by. I thought that I was fully versed in the delights that Jo Malone has to offer, but apparently not! This Wild Fig & Cassis is, on paper, totally up my street – I adore fig fragrances and especially those that have a bit of [...]

Ginsberg is God: The Greenhouse Candle

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I don’t know about Ginsberg being God but somebody definitely is – whoever made this candle, for a start. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It has a really unusual scent that reminds me of when I used to hide in my granny’s greenhouse, tucked into the tangle of branches and vines. A green smell. Wet leaves? The [...]

Pacifica’s Roll-On Fig

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I was very pleasantly surprised by these roller-ball perfumes from Pacifica. Not a brand that I had ever heard of before, but when I posted an Instagram of the Mediterranean Fig scent there were quite a few people who knew of it and wore it. It’s a very “clean” fig, if that makes any sense – there’s something [...]

More Figs! Diptyque’s “Collection Voyage”

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A new “Fig-Scented” thing to add to the “Fig-Scented Things” category: the Philosykos range from beautiful luxury fragrance brand Diptyque. Most famous, perhaps, for their gorgeous candles and room sprays, Diptyque also have quite a broad range of scents and body products. I had no idea that Diptyque made body products! Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to visit the [...]

Fico di Amalfi – the perfect summery Fig!

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I’m in love with this scent from Acqua di Parma. I was wrongly convinced, at first, that this was a male fragrance, but only because my friend Justin was wearing it last weekend! It is, according to the blurb, unisex, though a quick Google tells me that it was launched at the female market. So [...]

l’Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Candle

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 This candle smells amazing! Out of all of the candles I shot for my Christmas Candle video, I think that this is one of my favourites. And, as a Brucie Bonus, it’s also probably the least expensive! Result. I’d highly recommend picking one up to get rid of all of those ‘festive smells’ – namely [...]

Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser

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You may not be able to tell from the picture above, but the cardboard tube containing the Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser has approximately the same dimensions as a missile launcher. It’s huge. If I was stood in the picture I’d be resting my elbow on the lid. I exaggerate, of course, but what [...]