Wild Rose Beauty Balm: A True Multitasker

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I can’t actually remember what prompted me to use this beauty balm as a cleanser; I had always seen it knocking about in online reviews and videos and assumed that it was a kind of moisturiser. A bit like the Decleor balms that you heat between your palms and press over the skin. (It’s that [...]

Gentle Clay Face Masks for PMT Skin

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I mentioned Diptyque’s luscious Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay for the Face earlier on this year, but I feel that it most definitely requires a second visit. Because somehow, out of the dozens of beauty products that are crammed into my bathroom, this understated little tub of creamy clay has managed to become one of my favourite bathtime rituals. [...]

Facial Swipes for Grubby, Temperamental Skin.

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I’m not a great believer in face wipes, but these are face swipes, not face wipes, and that makes them a-ok. I jest of course; but there’s far more to this little packet of beauty tissues than just a jazzed-up name. For a start, they’re nothing like your run-of-the-mill wipe; some of the versions out there are just hideous. Quite [...]

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum: Testing Complete!

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I have just finished a month-long testing session using Lancôme’s best-selling serum, Advanced Génifique*. Actually, it was slightly more than a month; I managed to tip out the very last drops of serum on day 34, which I thought was pretty good going considering that I’d been applying it twice-daily to face, neck and decolletage! The whole testing idea [...]

Best Buy: Avon E-Defence SPF 50

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I realised that I’d spent most of the summer so far banging on about oil-free “weightless” sunscreens that “disappear into the skin” and “don’t leave a residue”. But there are people who don’t particularly want a weightless sunscreen; they want to feel as though they’re wearing something protective, or they prefer a slightly richer texture, or they [...]

French Skincare: What I Bought at the Pharmacy

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A much-requested video; half the world now seems to be obsessed with the mysterious delights that are kept locked up in the legendary French Pharmacie. I don’t tend to go pharmacy shopping as much as I used to, and that is mainly because the things that I used to stock up on are now widely available. [...]

Alcohol-Free Toners and Effaclar Testers

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I’ve never been a huge advocate of toners; most that I tried in my teens and early twenties left my face so dry and stripped that my skin would be completely knocked out of balance. I think that there was a real trend, then especially, for “cleanser and toner duos”; you’d cleanse with a lotion [...]

Reader Offer: Pai Skincare for Your Sister!

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Pai Skincare have launched some brilliant beauty kits, the Anywhere Essentials Collections. I have always loved Pai for their gentle, soothing formulas; their Echium Eye Cream is my number one post-shoot eye treatment because it’s so great at calming down any soreness and their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is one of the best rejuvenating face oils out there. Potent, 99.8% organic and [...]