Things You Need To Know About Sunscreen….

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As promised, the sunscreen Q&A with Dr Marko Lens. A little later than anticipated, because there were a few extra questions that I had, including one regarding the recent Which? report on SPFs. If you didn’t read the Which? report then you can do so by clicking here – it raises some quite important issues regarding the way [...]

Amazing Aftersuns!

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I tried out some great aftersuns on holiday – take note if you’re off on your holidays or you’ve already been but want to prolong your sunkissed colour! I had loads with me (I made poor Mr AMR lug half of them in his bag!) but here are my favourite five. 1) Thalgo Hydra Soothing [...]

The Handiest Sunscreen Ever?

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I was more than a little sceptical about Riemann’s P20 and their claims that it was water resistant even after repeated swimming sessions. Riemann say that P20 offers up to 10 hours protection from the sun’s rays, and I quote, “even after frequent swimming”. The FAQs on their website also say that the product is [...]

Institut Esthederm Suncare Guide

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I’ve had lots of people asking about Institut Esthederm’s amazing sun products, so I thought that I’d do a quick overview. The fact is that Institut Esthderm do things a little unconventionally – they don’t work with the traditional “SPF” rating and they can’t tell you, really, what level of “protection” you’re getting from a [...]

A Safe Tan, Faster?

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I am deeply impressed with Piz Buin’s Tan and Protect range. I have used loads of Piz Buin products before, including the amazing In Sun Ultra Light Spray which is an absolute cinch to apply. I’ll hold my hands up and admit to the fact that I like having a tan. It’s almost like swearing these [...]

Luxurious SPF Treat for Early Spring

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What incredible weather we’re having in the UK! I mean, I know we say this every year, but it really is as though summer has come early. I have actually been sunbathing in my roof garden (not overlooked except by passing helicopters, so one can lie there completely starkers should one wish to!) and my [...]