What’s in my Bag? The Holiday Edition

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Just a bit of fun: a trawl through the contents of my handbag. Or should I say “holiday bag”; I was on my way to Athens airport, so my bag was full of bits and pieces to see me through the flight. If you’d like to see a little of what I got up to [...]

My Greek Holiday: The Kinsterna Hotel

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I’ve just returned from a wonderful week in the Peloponnese, a region of Greece that had previously escaped my attentions, despite having taken my hols in various parts of Greece for the last ten years. I stayed at the Kinsterna Hotel and Spa, which is just a few miles from the famous medieval town-in-a-rock, Monemvasia, [...]

Greece, Beaches and Bumps in the Road

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Another lazy post, perfect for a bit of Saturday perusing: you don’t even need to read any words for this one, just click the play button below and I’ll do the work for you. It’s a short video that I filmed the other day when we were visiting the island of Elafonisos (amazing!) and on the [...]

Lobsters and Doc Martin: My Holiday In Port Isaac

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The recent weather conditions in the UK (rain, more rain, torrential rain) are precisely the reason why many Brits shun the idea of “staying at home” for their holidays. It’s just too bloody risky. You could land yourself an epic week of blissful sunshine or you could, and this is far more likely, find yourselves [...]

Castello di Casole: a Luxury Tuscan Disneyland.

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Ciao! I went on a little trip to Tuscany last month and it was wonderful. I hadn’t been to Tuscany for almost twenty years (the last time was a school trip when I was fourteen, we did a big tour starting in Florence and ending down in Sorrento, via Rome and Pompeii and Naples) and [...]

Off to Cannes!

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Today I am going to Cannes Film Festival with Dior and I must say that I am incredibly excited. I have never been to Cannes before and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the glitz and the glamour and perhaps doing a bit of swanning about pretending to be a film star. As you [...]

Mum and Daughter Trip, Part 1: The Hotel

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And so begins a whole slew of travel posts, because I have been here there and everywhere, recently, and I have lots to report. But I must begin with a little trip back in time – February, Les Etangs de Corot, with my Mum – because we had such an amazing break together, and as often happens [...]

Hotel Costes and the Capable Masseuse

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My latest travel and spa review, entitled Hotel Costes and the Capable Masseuse. Or, as the iPhone notes app autocorrected it: Hotel Coates and the Vapablassuer. What on earth is a Vapablasseur? I love it! If one doesn’t exist, then it should. I’d hire a Vapablasseur, wouldn’t you? It sounds like someone who would come and [...]