Charmed in Paris: Hotel La Belle Juliette

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I stayed at a very charming little hotel when I was in Paris recently; La Belle Juliette. It’s in the Saint Germain area, one of my favourite parts of Paris, and it is as quiet, comfortable and chic as you could ever hope for in this kind of price bracket. (Double rooms start at around £160 through [...]

Hotel Amour: It’s a Grower.

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I’m going to start this review with an intentional pun that will only make sense later on: this hotel is a grower. As are, I feel, many of the more affordable “boutique” hotels in Paris. You’re instantly dismayed (or perhaps charmed, depends what floats your boat) by the impossibly small elevator and bedroom and the [...]

Travel Beauty Essentials

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Three little products that never leave my travelling toiletries bag: StriVectin-SD Eye Cream, a teeny tube of Liquid Gold and my miniature deep sleep pillow spray from This Works. It’s my third mini deep sleep and my second eye cream but the Liquid Gold tube is a relatively new acquisition. This glycolic peel usually comes in a bottle [...]

No Sleeping in the Office!

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Currently residing in my office: the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle from This Works. And I wonder why I can’t keep my eyes open! I’ve had it on my shelf, unlit, for the past two weeks or so and I must say that I’ve felt incredibly calm. Perhaps a little too calm – I’m going to have to relegate it [...]

This is how I like my eggs…

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This is the breakfast room at the Meurice hotel in Paris. I’m not even joking – it’s like eating in some kind of film set. I kept expecting Marie Antoinette to glide in and order poached eggs. (Good eggs, by the way.) I stayed at Le Meurice as a guest of Chanel when I went to see the Culture Chanel exhibition, [...]

Oh! So, so, SO Coco!

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Those of you who follow on Le Twitter or Le Instagram will know that I’ve been in Paris this week. I hopped under the channel to attend the No5 Culture Chanel exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo and it was brilliant. You definitely need to have the audio guided tour to reap the full benefits, I’d say, because the [...]

I Loved Palm Springs…

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  I’m back from my trip to America and I have to say that Palm Springs very much agreed with me; the climate, the scenery, the laid-back atmosphere. I travel a lot and am quite difficult to please when it comes to a change of location, but Palm Springs ticked many of my boxes. The [...]