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There is an email form below for business and advertising enquiries – see also the “work with me” page for management details. It will often be quicker to contact Gleam Futures directly for business enquiries!

If it’s a non-business-related question or comment then it’s always best to try and get hold of me on Twitter or by leaving a message on the latest post here on the website. I get a huge number of comments so please don’t be offended if I miss it – it takes me hours to get through them sometimes! Please note that I can’t give individual skincare advice or lengthy, personalised recommendations.

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  1. Hi Ruth I love the wedding ring you wear, I was just wondering where you had it from?

  2. Hi Ruth, I came across your post on the link between spots and dairy and experienced the same light bulb moment as you – went on holiday and didn’t have cereal with milk, coffees and daily yoghurt and my spots all around my jaw and lower cheeks cleared up. Its now just over a month and my skin is now clear with the reduction in dairy intake plus I’m also using the la posey duo cream and its worked wonders on my scars and bumpy skin! Thanks alot!

  3. Hi Ruth, I live in the South of France and just wanted to let you know that your dry shampoo is available on the French Feel Unique site. I didn’t see France on your list so thought I’d give you a shout!

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