The Tangle Teezer

Yes, I know that this looks like something that you would use to comb fleas out from a Chihuahua’s coat, but despite this – and the fact that I am virtually allergic to jazzy misspellings like ‘Teezer’ – it is my recommendation of the week.
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MAC strobe cream

It’s a brilliantly versatile product that saves you having to buy a separate highlighter, radiance-boosting moisturiser, ‘dewy’-look foundation and illuminating body lotion.… View Post

Listening to Mum

Anyway, my point is this: her skin is amazing. Better than ten-years-younger, much more like fifteen-to-twenty-years-younger. I want to put up a photo in evidence, but she would strangle me with her slippery moisturiser-hands.… View Post