Smart Buy: Clinique’s Custom Repair Night Moisturiser

These shiny pots are a devil to take photos of: apologies. I actually got rather a shock when I edited my pictures because my gurning “concentrating” face appeared in one of the reflections – well, half of my face. The other half was behind the camera. At any rate, it’s scary seeing yourself completely off-guard and… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: My Dog Does My Makeup

Last week I made a very silly video in support of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day; I asked* Dexter, my dog, to do my makeup. He did a pretty good job, considering he doesn’t have any fingers, though you’ll have to watch the video and decide for yourselves. Lots of Youtubers took part in a campaign called #RedOut, which… View Post

The Mother’s Day Wishlist | AD

Wanting to compile the Ultimate Mother’s Day Wishlist, I emailed my Mum to ask her what sort of things she would really like to receive. You know, in an ideal world. No holds barred. “Think outside the box!” I said. “You can be obscure as you want!” I said. A got back the longest, weirdest… View Post

Tried and Tested: Primers for Oily Skin

Do you find that your foundation slips or goes patchy on your nose and forehead, where your skin is oilier? There are some brilliant primers for oily and combination skin out there – used after moisturising (or straight after a hydrating serum, as you prefer) a good primer will create a smooth base for your makeup… View Post

Narciso Musc Oil Parfum: 90% Cashmere

I’m about to be a total tease because Narciso Musc Oil isn’t really available online, it’s more of a “try and find it instore” sort of job. But wearing this for the past few weeks has reminded me how much I absolutely adore the Eau de Parfum version of Narciso and  – luckily –  that one is widely… View Post

New: Victoria Beckham Bronzer in Saffron Sun

When Victoria Beckham launched her eponymous makeup collection with Estee Lauder last year, the bronzer – in its ribbed leather compact – was one of my top picks. But boy was it a bronzey bronzer. Java was (is), for someone of my particular colouring, a proper “two weeks in the Maldives” sort of bronzer rather… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Things I’ve Been Doing

I have nothing particularly profound to say this Sunday (do I ever?!) and so I thought I’d give you a little run-down of what I’ve been up to this week. Apart from feeding the baby, which seems to take up approximately 89% of my time, and procrastinating over whether to eat a Mini Magnum or… View Post

Alpha-H Vitamin Collection: Easy Bespoke Skincare

I’m so impressed with Alpha-H’s latest launch – I think that it really taps into the trend for bespoke skincare, but in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. The Vitamin Profiling Collection is a set of four potent serums, each featuring a different beauty-boosting vitamin and addressing a different set of skincare  concerns. Three of the… View Post

The Colab Cans Get New Clothes!

The new-look Colab Dry Shampoo cans have launched! Teeny-tiny mermaids, tropical palm leaves and a smart new design for the Active version too – I absolutely love them. Same brilliant product inside, but the cans have been given “new clothes”. As many of you know, I have been hugely involved with Colab from the start and I’m so proud… View Post

Books: Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

This is a difficult novel to write about, because I’m not sure whether I love it or absolutely detest it. Either way, it makes for interesting conversation – or would do, if anyone I knew had read it! Have you read Eileen? It grabbed my attention because it was on the shortlist for the Man Booker prize… View Post

February Favourites

The February Favourites, as promised; mostly beauty but then a couple of fashion finds that have cheered up my “capsule” wardrobe no end. (When I say capsule wardrobe, I mean it quite literally – I have only one pair of black leggings that don’t hurt my c-section scar, and I wear these on rotation with… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Baby Chaos

I tried to film my first “back to work” video this week and it was absolute chaos! (Those of you balking at the idea of me being back to work after a month, fear not: I mean the working-from-home sort of work, I’m not strapping the baby onto my front and hiking into town every… View Post

Warming Blush for Wintery Skin

I feel as though I haven’t done a makeup post in ages, so here we are: a bit of springtime blush to add some fresh colour to dull, wintery faces. Two lovely peachy shades – one from Dior’s Spring collection and the other a blush from YSL’s permanent makeup line-up. In the interests of transparency,… View Post

List: Things That Only Tom Hardy Can Make Sexy

Have you been watching Taboo on BBC1? Oh my lord. It’s very good – very good. It’s sort of a cross between an incredibly dark and violent Dickens story and something bleak and hopeless and beautiful, like, I don’t know, The Piano. The art direction is amazing, the plot is weird-but-interesting, the costumes and the sets completely capture everything that London… View Post