Sunday Tittle Tattle

kiss my face

1) This week saw me sustain what must be the first cheese-related injury in history. No joke! I took the dog to dog-training and cut my thumb open on a piece of Manchego! You may ask what I was doing thumbing about with a piece of Manchego in dog-training, well: you have to take “highly salient” treats and I didn’t … Read More

Ruth CrillySunday Tittle Tattle

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 6

dexter the cockapoo

Yes, we are still pootling along with this feature. I’m not out of ideas just yet! And today’s celebrity with hair like my dog is quite a good one, I think: Jane Fonda. God love her. In her seventies and her hair still looks perfectly coiffed! A little too coiffed, perhaps, to be a true Dexter Hair-Do – his has that tousled, “just out … Read More

Ruth CrillyCelebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 6

Investment Piece: The Trench Coat

ruth crilly model wears

I owe this coat discovery to Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, who always seems to have the most brilliant items in her extensive travelling wardrobe! Nic, her sister, does too. I have no idea whether they spend all day shopping or are just incredibly good at spotting the best items, but they both seem to be able to sniff out the … Read More

Ruth CrillyInvestment Piece: The Trench Coat

What are your French Pharmacie Favourites?

skincare giveaway

Pottering around in the City Pharma pharmacy in Paris last week really got me excited about skincare again. I’d been having a little lull, if truth be known. Partly because I’d been using up my Olay Renegerist Luminous and so wasn’t trying anything new (good sign, isn’t it – see posts on that here!) but also because there just seem to be so many skincare launches. … Read More

Ruth CrillyWhat are your French Pharmacie Favourites?

Midweek Happiness: Dog + Blowing Bubbles

dexter the cockapoo

Bubbles must be quite a weird thing for animals who have never seen them before – touch them and they disappear! I loved Dexter’s little confused face and waggy tail in this bit of video, so I stuck it up on Youtube. A bit of midweek cheer. Enjoy! (In this video I am wearing: jumper from Hush:, jeans from Paige Denim … Read More

Ruth CrillyMidweek Happiness: Dog + Blowing Bubbles

My Sunday Dog (Carrying) Walking Outfit…

ruth crilly with dexter cockapoo

Spring is definitely here, it seems. The threat of late snows and roof-battering winds has passed and I am packing up my winter coats ready to take to the dry cleaners. (The secret of coat longevity, I have found, is to dry clean them at the end of every winter and then hang them up in one of those breathable … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Sunday Dog (Carrying) Walking Outfit…

Must-Have Candle of the Season (with hidden bugs!)

blackberry and bay jo malone candle review

It takes quite a lot to get me excited about a candle but this new release from Jo Malone is really worth taking a look at. It’s from the new home collection that’s been created in collaboration with the talented wallpaper and textile designer, Michael Angove. If you’ve never seen Michael’s work before then do a little Google – his … Read More

Ruth CrillyMust-Have Candle of the Season (with hidden bugs!)

Fragrance: Cashmere Blankets and Dreaming of Holidays…

connock london kukui eau de parfum review

Here’s a warm, uplifting little fragrance to see you through to the summer; Connock London’s Kukui. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smelling the Kukui range then you’ve just found another thing to add to your list – it’s a beautifully soft and comforting scent that has a slightly woody, masculine base. My first introduction to the range was actually a few years … Read More

Ruth CrillyFragrance: Cashmere Blankets and Dreaming of Holidays…

Sunday Tittle Tattle

french pharmacie guide

1) I’ve just returned from Paris. Nothing new or particularly notable there, as I am often in Paris, but this time I managed to find a spare hour and nip to City Pharma, the packed-to-the-rafters-with-skincare-gems pharmacy that is frequented by those in the know. It was RAMMED in there. It had a SECURITY GUARD on the door! I’ve been to pharmacies all over … Read More

Ruth CrillySunday Tittle Tattle

Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 5

dexter the cockapoo

Above: Dexter the Cockapoo. He of ridiculous hair and a penchant for rolling in the faeces of various species. (Poet and didn’t know it.) Below: Yeah! Richard Branson! He of floppy blonde locks and global domination! Just when he thought that he had ticked off all of the goals on his personal “to-do” list, he goes and achieves one that … Read More

Ruth CrillyCelebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 5