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Moving to the Country

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I cannot believe that it has been a whole year (to the day) since I packed up my London home, put Mr Bear into his carry-house and absconded to the countryside. At the time, amidst the unpacking craziness and the annoying logistical things you have to deal with when on the move, I promised you all [...]

narciso rodriguez fragrance review

Narciso Eau de Parfum Review

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Wah! Sorry to be a total beauty enabler this week, but Narciso Eau de Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez is just an absolute show-stopper. Look at that bottle! So understated and chic with its smooth, square lid and simple bottle design. And how many white perfumes have you seen? It’s like a measure of the most perfectly pure milk, [...]

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Favourite Beauty Products: September

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A mixed bag of favourites, this month (last month, rather – so sorry it’s late!) but there are a few real beauty crackers for you. I have been testing out eye makeup removers recently, and I will do a bigger post on my findings, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about the two budget [...]

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Space NK: £10 Discount to Discover Something New!

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Space NK are running their Discover promotion again – £10 off if you spend £40 or more – and I have an exclusive preview code for readers of A Model Recommends that allows access to the promotion a day before everyone else. The idea behind the “discovery” element is that you try something new – something that has piqued your interest [...]

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The Sunday Tittle Tattle: A Personal Goal

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1) Wooo! This week I have achieved a massive personal goal and finished the first draft of a novel. I started it when I was at uni, doing my MA, and it was starting to drag on so I bit the bullet and got through to the end. I don’t know whether anyone will ever read [...]

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The Hush Winter Parka

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I like a good parka, me. Brilliant for roughing it around the countryside but equally handy for when you want something relaxed and cosy to wear over your smarter stuff. I am a particular fan of the “parka over party dress” look, as championed by Kate Moss and the other highly sociable girls of the late [...]

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The Pillow Spray for Instant Deep Sleep.

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I have a proper thing for This Works’ original Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I get twitchy without it. It sends me into the kind of deep sleep that could only otherwise be achieved after a couple of large glasses of heavy Chianti and an episode of the Antiques Roadshow. (No offence to the AR, which is something of a [...]

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Autumn Skincare: Soothing Moisturisers for Sensitive Faces

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Some gorgeous, soothing moisturisers for skin that’s on the dry or sensitive side or that’s beginning to feel the effects of the slightly cooler weather. All of the face creams and lotions above are very calming, I find, and though they each vary in their density and richness, the final results are the same; happy, moisturised [...]