Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba

Bargain Holiday Nails: Barry M’s Peach Melba

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Annoyingly, because I had about three million bottles at home waiting to be tested out, I forgot to pack nail polish for my holiday. I didn’t have time for a manicure or pedicure before I went, so I had envisaged taking all of my nail-perfecting stuff with me – oils, buffers, weird pointy sticks that I [...]

best moisturising body wash

Unlikely Holiday Washbag Hero…

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Body washes are never the most thrilling beauty products to write about, but this little number from Weleda very much deserves a proper mention. It’s difficult to find shower gels and body cleansers that are gentle and non-drying but that actually work; lots of the effective ones leave my skin too squeaky and stripped, many [...]

ruth crilly model greece

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Goodbye Greece

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Time for me to leave Greece, today. I’ve had such an amazing week, exploring the Peloponnese and lying by the sea and drinking lovely local wine. Now I need to start writing it all up – food, sightseeing, accommodation and all! I hope you’ve all had good weeks, wherever you’ve been – normal website service resumes on [...]

elafonisos beach trip

Greece, Beaches and Bumps in the Road

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Another lazy post, perfect for a bit of Saturday perusing: you don’t even need to read any words for this one, just click the play button below and I’ll do the work for you. It’s a short video that I filmed the other day when we were visiting the island of Elafonisos (amazing!) and on the [...]

ruth crilly beach walking

Yours, Mrs Relaxed.

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Dear Readers, I am too chilled out to even raise a glass of water to my face, let alone write a proper post. Daily schedule has been: wake up, breakfast, lie by the pool with my Kindle, lunch, lie by the pool with my Kindle, nap, lie by the pool with my Kindle, shower, dinner, read my [...]

Evening Bronzed Holiday Look with Hot Red Lips

My Bronzed Holiday Makeup with Hot Red Lips

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  I’m supposed to be on a self-imposed work ban on this holiday (I’m in Greece), but the other afternoon it started to pour down with rain and Mr AMR was watching old cowboy films on the television and so I decided to kill some time and make a quick beauty video. There’s only so [...]

kindle holiday book recommendations

Holiday Reading: What’s On My Kindle?

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I loaded up my Kindle with about a dozen or so books before I left on holiday – more than I’ll need, I expect, but you never know! I haven’t used my Kindle in ages (it took me about two hours to find it – hidden in the bookshelf – and another half an hour [...]

Bronzed Holiday Makeup Look

First-Night-of-the-Holiday Makeup Look

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First night of the holidays, and Mr AMR and I managed to drag ourselves out to dinner despite being absolutely shattered! I decided to do a bit of a sultry eye to compliment my rather glam leopard print dress (Baum und Pferdgarten) and cracked out Charlotte Tilbury’s Vintage Vamp palette, which has a beautiful array of warm, [...]