Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water

I completely forgot to include the Micellar Cleansing Water from Sukin in my Current Beauty Favourites: a huge oversight, because I actually use this quite regularly. I use micellars in general quite regularly, thinking about it, whether it’s to remove a bit of my makeup pre-cleansing, as in with a balm or oil or cream, or to have a… View Post

Soothing Stuff for Sensitive Eyes

Mine eyes! They feel as though they’ve been replaced with shrivelled up conkers – the inside of my lids are like pieces of sandpaper. It’s all so dry in the orbital region that it’s amazing I don’t start little fires in my eye sockets when I blink. It must be the pollen, though I don’t usually get… View Post

Shopping the Stash: Old Makeup Favourites

My lovely sister-in-law came to visit me over the Easter weekend and, as she’s a true makeup junkie, I decided to have a delve into my various storage boxes and drawers and offload some of my unused cosmetics. (Note that I say unused and not unwanted: I want absolutely everything, it’s just unfortunate that I have only one… View Post

Books: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

I’m a terrible one for judging a book by its cover. And I mean that literally, not metaphorically – I’m not at all judgemental or presumptuous when it comes to people: just books. Which is why, shamefully, it has taken me so long to come around to reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin; I shouldn’t admit this, as… View Post

Treating Spots During Pregnancy

As I’m on a bit of a skincare-posting roll, here’s the last of my pregnancy posts that has been lingering in my drafts folder. Mainly because a few of these products have been featured elsewhere, and I didn’t want to repeat myself… But it’s good to have all of my pregnancy spot-busters all on one… View Post

Current Skincare Routine: Spring 2017

I’ve updated my skincare routine; firstly because we’re moving into the warmer months and there’s the inevitable extra sun exposure, and secondly because I’m no longer pregnant and my skin is far less sensitive. I’ve started to add stronger and more active products into my routine and I’ve upped the antioxidants to give a bit of extra protection… View Post

Benefit Brows: An Incredible Instagram Giveaway!

I’m just flagging this up so that nobody feels left out; I’m running a HUGE giveaway with Benefit Cosmetics over on my Instagram page. They’re giving away five full sets of their brow products, each worth £242 and including thirteen different brow cosmetics and tools. Their head Brow Wizard, Lisa, will be colour-matching each winner… View Post

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst Review

I mentioned the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst in my post about powerful, pregnancy-safe beauty products, but since then I’ve given it an even more thorough testing and I must say that the results are very convincing. It’s a lightweight, watery serum (nothing like the rich, creamy serum I reviewed in my previous post) that absorbs quickly and completely into… View Post

Guerlain Super Aqua Serum Review

Hydrating serums seem to have become a non-negotiable part of my skincare routine. I like the intense hit of moisture that they provide, I like that they are (almost always) lightweight and fresh feeling and quick to apply, I like that they can plump and smooth the skin without leaving any residue and I like that… View Post

Beauty Favourites: March 2017

Back to the beauty favourites – a good mix of body, hair, skincare and makeup this month. Oh, and some panty liners thrown in for good measure. I deliberated for ages (ten minutes) over whether to include panty liners – they’re not exactly the most glamorous of items – but they have been my most-used… View Post

Foundation Review: Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue

I feel as though Chanel are always going to be on a bit of a losing streak with me, when it comes to bringing out new foundations. And that’s not because they’re bringing out bad foundations (Chanel do excellent face bases); it’s because I’ve already found perfection (quite literally) in the form of their Perfection Lumiere… View Post

LA Vibes with AND/OR Denim | AD

I haven’t done any proper fashion modelling in ages (being heavily pregnant means you can only model tent-like garments and the postpartum period is, quite frankly, a sartorial disaster**) and so it was a delight to get back into the swing of things with a shoot for the newly-launched denim brand AND/OR. AND/OR has a very cool, LA-inspired aesthetic… View Post

What’s In My Makeup Bag? Spring 2017

The title of this post suggests that you’re about to see a load of limited edition makeup from the Spring 2017 collections: not so. Including the season and the year at the end of the title is just a way of me giving some sort of “time stamp” to a feature that I’d like to repeat… View Post

Some Beauty-Boosting Mood-Enhancers

Goodness I’m shattered. I mean really, really shattered. I’m not about to go into a huge whinge about why I’m so shattered, I just wanted to set the tone. Because the beauty products I’m about to tell you about have all had quite a dramatic effect on my mood in the last few weeks, making… View Post

The Harvey Nichols Beauty Gift: Bag Spill!

There’s a very nice gift with purchase running at Harvey Nichols* – the (extremely smart) toiletries bag they’re giving away is quite literally bursting with beauty products, many of them full size. I’m still working through the things from the last Harvey Nics gift, but this one, I think, is even more generous and exciting. So exciting… View Post