Sunday Tittle Tattle: B*llocks To Resolutions

I was all set to write one of those slightly twee resolutions posts that are almost obligatory every New Year and then I thought to myself, are you completely MAD, woman? You don’t even have time to wash your hair, half the time – what kind of improvements to yourself are you POSSIBLY planning to make? … View Post

December Favourites

This video wasn’t supposed to go up until Sunday, but something odd and enthusiastic happened with my Youtube scheduling, so here it is: the December favourites. I spend almost the entire video wearing hair rollers, which is a bit weird, but there are some real beauty finds in this month’s round-up so do give the… View Post

Foundation Review: Chanel Sublimage Le Teint

This was never going to be an easy foundation to test. The price tag (£98) attached to Chanel’s new Sublimage Le Teint is just impossible to ignore. Usually, when I’m in the trial stages of preparing a beauty review, I try to forget the price and just see the results for what they are – the “value for money”… View Post

Ten Under £10: Glowing Makeup for NYE

Well I do hope that you’re all having a lovely little break? I’m afraid I’m doing a bit of a fast-forward to the future (albeit near future) and talking about the New Year – or New Year’s Eve to be more specific – and some glitzy, shiny makeup that’ll get you in the mood for… View Post

Christmas Tittle Tattle

See what I did there? Christmas Tittle Tattle! It’s Christmas, but it’s also a Sunday, so I’ve done a little combo title. Utter genius. I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day already, whether you celebrate Christmas or not – I’m writing this in advance, for obvious reasons, and am no doubt at this moment… View Post

My One and Only Vlogmas

I intended to do a series of vlogs running up to Christmas (a practice commonly known as “vlogmas”) but – unsurprisingly – I only managed one. So here it is, my one and only Vlogmas 2016. Highlights include a personal dining experience in my own home, courtesy of Hugo Boss (it really was quite brilliant!) and the… View Post

Wunderbrow – Perfect Low-Maintenance Brows

You’ve heard me say enough times that I simply can’t be bothered with high-maintenance eyebrows; to be quite honest, I don’t even like the look of high-maintenance, perfectly-shaped eyebrows. Not on myself, at least. So I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend half an hour getting them right in the magnifying mirror, surrounded by brow powders… View Post

Sunday Tittle Tattle: The Life Update

I feel as though I’ve been quite successful (if I do say so myself!) in keeping my pregnancy/baby stuff separate from my beauty posts for the past eighteen months or so. Mostly thanks to the fact that I have The Uphill blog, which I use as a sort of cathartic online diary for all pregnancy and personal… View Post

Weekly Window Shop: Stuff I’d Buy For Myself

Some stuff I’d buy for myself, in this week’s Window Shop – though there’s a sort of caveat, because the title should really say Stuff I’d Buy Myself If I Wasn’t Pregnant. Being pregnant does something odd to me in that I can’t think about things that are more than a week ahead. It puts a real… View Post

Josh Wood’s Haircare for Blondes

Just a quickie, as they say in the business (I have no idea what business I’m on about but I’ve just had a rare but much-needed can of full fat Coke and the caffeine has gone to my head): Josh Wood’s Precious Blonde shampoo and conditioner. This is the second set of Josh Wood haircare for blondes… View Post

l’Occitane Supple Skin Oil: Nourishing the Alien Egg

I must confess to having not done very well with my stretch-mark-oil testing duties, this pregnancy. I’ve been on the body balms instead (a round-up of those is imminent) even though oils are, I would suspect, slightly more effective when it comes to keeping the skin on my body nice and supple. But I make a… View Post

Foundation Review: Topshop Air Cushion

Oooh, I’m finding this one a right little devil to review! The Air Cushion Skin Perfector from Topshop is another cushion foundation (product-soaked sponge inside a compact, for those not in the know with this particular trend) but I’m flailing around a bit when it comes to describing what it does. Because – as you’ll see from… View Post

M&S Formula Absolute: The Ultimate Sleep Cream | AD

I’ve tried quite a few products from Marks & Spencer’s own brand Formula before, but it seems that the entire skincare line has recently had a complete overhaul. Packaging, ingredients, formulations, the whole caboodle. There are six collections within the line, including “Restore” for mature skin, “Daily” for sensitive skin and “Absolute”, which is the luxury offering,… View Post