Blondes Wearing Red

how to wear red

I have always really shied away from wearing red because I feel as though it drains me of all colour. I think that it’s a very, very difficult colour to wear if you’re blonde, too. I mean, if you’re really blonde like Gwen Stefani, you can get away with any colour because your hair is so light that it’s almost … Read More

Ruth CrillyBlondes Wearing Red


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I know I promised a lengthy, wordy post today, but let me tell you why it hasn’t appeared. 1) I was doing “Website Admin”. 2) I was doing “Website Admin” again. 3) I “popped” to Forever21 in Westfield Stratford. (Don’t even ask how much I spent, and in a place where it’s hard to actually spend a lot!) 4) I … Read More

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The Reason I’m a Blonde

I thought that I would be a colour chameleon just like Linda E., but sadly that was not the case.

Ruth CrillyThe Reason I’m a Blonde