Massage Candle Review janjira treatment

Massage Candles: Do Not Share

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Now here’s a concept that on paper seems completely unessential: a candle that, when melted, doubles up as a massage oil. It’s probably not something that you’ve ever considered to be missing from your life, but let me tell you: massage candles are pretty amazing. It’s the most pleasant and indulgent way to apply a [...]

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Love Thyself: Sexytime Gifts

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What do you think of Valentine’s Day? I’m not so keen. In our eleven years together, I don’t think that Mr AMR and I have ever been out on Valentine’s night – it brings up dreaded images of restaurants filled with heart-shaped balloons, “special romance” menus atop each table, people staring at each other awkwardly [...]

Neal's Yard Aromatherapy Home Fragrances

Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy Home Fragrances

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 Neal’s Yard have launched a home fragrance range and it’s really quite lovely. All of the scents are natural, as you would expect from Neal’s Yard, and each blend has been designed to have a specific effect on the sense. I love the ‘Energising’ blend, which combines citrus notes with mint, but the ‘Calming’ Damask [...]