My Makeup for Last Week’s Lingerie Casting

Lingerie Casting Makeup Tutorial

This video expands on last week’s “how I prepare for a lingerie casting” video. It’s a full-length tutorial for the makeup look, as requested by lots of viewers. Those of you who were asking about the By Terry Cover-Expert, you can get a better idea of how much coverage it gives and how easily it blends by watching the start … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Makeup for Last Week’s Lingerie Casting

Preparing for a Lingerie Casting

Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 23.33.12

I did a written post a while back about how I prepared for a lingerie casting, and once the archives have been rebuilt I shall link to that from this page. But I thought I’d also do a video – mostly because the Youtubers have been naggling for one and I thought that it was about time I gave in … Read More

Ruth CrillyPreparing for a Lingerie Casting

Quick Preparation: Lingerie Casting

Lingerie Model

I have an unexpected lingerie casting today; I thought I’d share with you my quick preparation routine for getting my bod looking sleek ‘n shiny in a hurry! just waiting for the postman to knock… 1) Dinner the night before: easy on the wheat. I made a gorgeous Italian stew with aubergine, courgette, pepper, red onion and chopped tomatoes. All … Read More

Ruth CrillyQuick Preparation: Lingerie Casting

Acting Practice

Apparently I looked like Dracula waking from a hundred year sleep, leering at the camera as though it was my next victim.

Ruth CrillyActing Practice