alcohol free toner reviews

Alcohol-Free Toners and Effaclar Testers

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I’ve never been a huge advocate of toners; most that I tried in my teens and early twenties left my face so dry and stripped that my skin would be completely knocked out of balance. I think that there was a real trend, then especially, for “cleanser and toner duos”; you’d cleanse with a lotion [...]

benefit dream screen review

Some Brilliant Lightweight Sunscreens for Summer

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Sunscreen formulas have been getting progressively lighter and more comfortable to wear. It’s true that some of the higher factor versions do still leave a bit of a white cast on the skin, but most are sheer and fast to disappear after application. The four sunscreens in the photograph above all impressed me in terms of finish [...]

red lips makeup tutorial

Hot Red Lips and Flawless Skin.

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A massive load of people asked for a video using Clinique’s new Matte Mandarin lipstick and so here it is in full, glorious technicolor. It was actually the entire “look” that I wore in my How to Style Greasy and Limp Hair video that people seemed to want and so I trawled back through the footage and tried to copy the [...]

ruth crilly model makeup faves

What I Wore with my Slicked-Back Hair.

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A still image from my latest video (a lovely one, it’s about styling greasy hair!) and the light is hitting my eyelids in just the right way to show off the colours from the Laura Mercier shadow quad that I wrote about yesterday. How lovely is the pearly pink? It’s probably not the best match [...]

ruth crilly matte orange red lipstick

If You Buy One Lipstick This Summer…

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Clinique’s new Long Last Matte lipstick formula is, to me, pretty much faultless. It’s beautifully pigmented so you get a good, bright hit of colour and the matte finish is modern without looking dry or cracked. It’s possibly the most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve ever worn, too – you’d never know it was matte if you didn’t look [...]

lancome air de teint foundation

Beauty Reviews: Lancome Air de Teint, Clinique Feathering Mascara, Guerlain Maxi Lash

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Another bunch of beauty reviews for you; this time I’m “live testing” Lancome’s new Miracle Air de Teint foundation, Clinique’s new Feathering mascara and a second mascara, a violet-hued Maxi Lash version from Guerlain. The response to these videos seems to be very good, so I’ll keep on doing them so long as there’s stuff to test out. And there’s always [...]

eyeshadow clinique palette

Clinique Neutral Territory 2: The Palette that Doesn’t Require its own Trolley.

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A chic, slimline, ultra-portable palette of neutral shades? Yes please. This Clinique launch, the Neutral Territory 2, ticks most boxes. The packaging is incredibly lightweight and low-profile – no extra bulk whatsoever – and the shadows inside are nicely pigmented, long-wearing and universally flattering. In particular, I love the addition of the warm, reddish accent shade [...]

ruth crilly model beauty favourites

January Beauty Favourites

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Ah, here we are again. Monthly favourites. Apologies in advance; I have been on a bit of a beauty “hiatus” this month, partly because I spent the first two weeks of it watching The Good Wife and partly because I still haven’t properly sorted out my beauty room. I don’t know where anything is and I [...]