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Sunday Tittle Tattle: Head Explosions and Holidays

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I’m on holiday! Thank God for that! One more week and I’m sure that my head would have exploded. This must have been the busiest “school year” of my life – even more hectic than last year, when I crazily decided to finish my MA at the same time as increasing my workload and negotiating [...]

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Which Supplements Should I Be Taking?

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I must tell you that I get thoroughly confused when it comes to supplements. No longer is a simple multivitamin enough; a new superfood or magical health-improving tablet seems to be added to the long list of nutritional “must-haves” every week. And I used to be really sceptical about them, until I saw the benefits [...]

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Light Lunch: The Classic Greek Salad

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Not really a recipe, more an idea. A passing thought. Namely: how amazing is a Greek salad when you haven’t had one in a while? I get sick of feta cheese very easily, especially when I go to Greece on holiday and have it for virtually every meal, but after a bit of a feta hiatus I do enjoy [...]

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NutriBullet 900 Pro: The Ultimate Healthy Smoothie Maker

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And so, when I had only just got my head around the idea of juicing, something else was thrown into the mix: blending. As in smoothies. (But not the mango and papaya sweet-as-you-like things you can buy with your croissants in the morning; we’re talking very green and very healthy smoothies, here. Spinach and spring greens and avocados and blended-up [...]

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Farewell, Délice Framboise – Hello Chickpeas…

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After three days of relentless face-stuffing in Paris, I am well and truly ready to kickstart my healthy eating plan again. Actually, there is no plan and there never really has been – I just try to not eat platefuls of pasta and macaroons and huge baguettes filled with jambon et fromage – but I have a few [...]