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How to Cover Dark Circles

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As promised, a video dedicated to undereye circles and ways of disguising them. My dark circles are ridiculous today – so much so that I’m almost regretting filming the makeup video when I did, at the end of last week. It would have all looked so much more dramatic if I had waited and filmed [...]

klorane cornflower

Klorane Cornflower Eye Makeup Remover

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I just love this Klorane makeup remover. They discontinued it last year, or so I thought, but here it is again and thank GOD for that! It’s so soothing and gentle and it does a pretty nice job of getting off all but the most stubborn eye makeup. I squirt some onto damp cotton wool [...]

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The Best Concealers for Tired Eyes

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I have been absolutely shattered this week (burning far too many candles at all ends!) and so my dark circles have made a bit of an appearance. I thought that I’d do a little video about my favourite cover-ups – with a few extras such as eye creams and highlighters thrown in for good measure. [...]

Beauty video Stila

Budget Bonfire Beauty

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 I made bonfire eyes yesterday; the video below shows how I did it! For those who couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting through a video with someone applying makeup, there are some little close-ups below! Star of the show, I think, has to be Stila’s Collectible palette with its great pinky copper shadow. The [...]

The Beauty Encyclopedia from ELF

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I’ve never been great at doing my eyes – although I do tend to set my standards rather high, comparing my skills to those of the makeup artists who work on me day after day! When they effortlessly create a fierce smokey eye, or an incredible metallic lid, I just watch (through the other eye, [...]