TIGI Sugar Dust

TIGI Sugar Dust

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 I have been looking for something to ‘phlumph’ up my flat hair, and the latest fun thing to land upon my testing table is TIGI’s ‘Sugar Dust’. You just sprinkle it onto your roots and then rub your fingertips in your hair, and hey presto! Massively volumised roots! It works far better than dry shampoo, [...]

Tangle Teazer

Gabriel’s Tangle Teazer

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 Yesterday I brought you Santa’s Clarisonic, today? The Angel Gabriel’s Tangle Teezer. Obviously he would need one, what with his long curly locks. They are probably always getting stuck in his harp strings! I reckon old Gabes would be quite a vain bloke – this Tangle Teezer would suit him down to the ground/up to [...]

Naked Colour Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner

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I feel as though I’ve done a bit of a run of very expensive products lately, so here we go with some that are affordable and very effective. I had a MARE of a day yesterday, because I hadn’t read my schedule properly that my agency had emailed me, and failed to see that I [...]

Modelling Blast from the Past #4

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Sorry; rather a short and lazy post today because I’ve been filming lots of exciting new videos for you and didn’t realise the time! Any-hoo, I saw my good friend Kenna the other night and we were talking about how much my hair had grown this year. It has nearly got back to the length [...]