Lips, Perfected.

urban decay ultra nourishing lip balm

I don’t tend to get excited about lipglosses (apart from crystal-clear pristine ones, see Gloss Prodige in the last “Thing of Beauty” feature) but the new Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing ones have really grabbed my attention. It helps, I suppose, that they are packaged nicely – in the metallic finish du jour, rose gold – and it also helps that they … Read More

Ruth CrillyLips, Perfected.

Givenchy Magic Lip & Cheek Balm


I love the retro feel of this little Givenchy pot. The lid looks sleek, but the bright blue plastic is very eighties, especially with the pink balm inside! As usual, when I first used this I ploughed ahead and slapped it on without reading what it was supposed to do. I had really sore lips, so I applied it all … Read More

Ruth CrillyGivenchy Magic Lip & Cheek Balm

YSL ‘Top Secrets’ Beauty Sleep

model secrets skincare

Something both fun and luxurious for the dressing table; Yves Saint Laurent’s Top Secrets Beauty Sleep. It’s a two-in-one rescue cream for parched, crone-like skin. (I’m just being honest. We all have those nights, surely?!) The YSL Top Secrets products have been inspired by the real problems encountered by beauty professionals; models who don’t get enough sleep or are permanently … Read More

Ruth CrillyYSL ‘Top Secrets’ Beauty Sleep

Satsuma Sparkle – Born Lippy!

satsuma shimmer

I just want to put it out there that I LOVE the Satsuma Shimmer lip balm from The Body Shop. It reminds me of being a teenager, when we all used to rock up to lessons with our little pots of Body Shop balm! Using the Satsuma Shimmer was just a total olfactory blast from the past and a very … Read More

Ruth CrillySatsuma Sparkle – Born Lippy!

Little Pots of Luxury

sisley confort extreme

Are expensive lip balms worth the dough? The sensible half of my brain says ‘no’, but the half that was paying attention when I tested the examples below is screaming YES! These were simply superb – especially the Sisley. Effects were long-lasting and really beneficial – none of that ‘leaving your lips drier than when you started’ business… If you’re … Read More

Ruth CrillyLittle Pots of Luxury

Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm


 OK, I really like this stuff. I have been on a balm-testing mission over the last year or so (it’s an ongoing thing!) and the Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm is one of the best yet. By balms, I’m not referring to ‘lip’ balms but treatments that are more multipurpose, that have been designed to be used on all kinds … Read More

Ruth CrillyMama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm

Bepanthen Ointment

My lips felt amazing all the way home – even after a delayed flight and the beauty nightmare that is an Easyjet cabin

Ruth CrillyBepanthen Ointment