gloss crystal

Thing of Beauty: Clarins Gloss Prodige in Crystal

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There are few things as satisfying, beauty-wise, as a pristine, crystal-clear lipgloss. It’s the cosmetic equivalent of fresh, untrodden snow. It’s virtually impossible to keep a transparent gloss clean and so I spent more time than was probably necessary taking photographs of this gorgeous Clarins Gloss Prodige, making the bubble rise to just the right level, [...]

Pixi Lip Love

Festive Lip Love!

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 Oh ho-ho! Experimenting with festive red lips, I came across this little beauty of a product: Pixi’s Lip Blush in ‘Love’. Check out the intense red pout above! This felt-tip pen lip stain is so easy to use – the fine tip outlines precisely whilst the edge can be used to fill in the gaps. [...]

Rouge Dior Haute Couleur

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At the weekend, I decided to test-run one of Dior’s new Haute Coleur shades – this one, 435, was a pale corally tangerine. Sorry if that means very little in the world of colour descriptions, but it’s the best that I can do. You can see it in the utterly fantastic photo that I took [...]