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Hot and Heady Summer Scents

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I know that I’ve covered summer scents already, but I was sorting through my Cabinet of many Beauty Secrets and putting fragrances into groups (as you do) and this was the collection I nicknamed “hot and heady”. I also have a group called “naughty rose” (I kid you not) and one called “figgy pudding”. I’ll share those with [...]

l'occitane fragrance beautifying cream

Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) Interesting. A fragrance beautifying cream. l’Occitane designed this cream to be used in conjunction with their Collection de Grasse fragrance range (my favourite one is the heady, summery Néroli & Orchidée, see Friday’s post) to intensify the notes and and help them last for longer. Probably not a beauty priority, if we’re honest, but I like the idea! It does [...]

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Smells that Remind me of Summer

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Oh hello August, you sizzling-hot little git! Where did you spring from? I’m still answering emails with “hope you had a good New Year”! I’m not going on holiday until September (too much to do, too much to do) and so for now, I am making do with scents that remind me of my summer holidays. Orange-blossom, [...]

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Alcohol-Free Toners and Effaclar Testers

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I’ve never been a huge advocate of toners; most that I tried in my teens and early twenties left my face so dry and stripped that my skin would be completely knocked out of balance. I think that there was a real trend, then especially, for “cleanser and toner duos”; you’d cleanse with a lotion [...]

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Some Brilliant Lightweight Sunscreens for Summer

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Sunscreen formulas have been getting progressively lighter and more comfortable to wear. It’s true that some of the higher factor versions do still leave a bit of a white cast on the skin, but most are sheer and fast to disappear after application. The four sunscreens in the photograph above all impressed me in terms of finish [...]

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Ballerina Beauty: Lighter Legs and Firmer Skin

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Oh, what a beautiful collaboration this is! I already adore l’Occitane’s Amande range with its perfect green and white packaging and its warm, comforting scents, but throw a bit of ballet into the mix and you have something quite gorgeous. l’Occitane have teamed up with The Royal Ballet to produce an exclusive drawstring bag that’s filled with three ballet [...]

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Cheeky Springtime Scents

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Just quickly, a couple of cute scents for Spring – I’ve been meaning to post these up for a while! 1) Vivienne Westwood’s Cheeky Alice, from £32 at This is a fresher, flirtier and slightly more floral scent than ‘Naughty Alice’ and I love the coral-and-gold packaging. There’s a patent red bracelet wrapped around the bottle, [...]

l'Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Candle

l’Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Candle

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 This candle smells amazing! Out of all of the candles I shot for my Christmas Candle video, I think that this is one of my favourites. And, as a Brucie Bonus, it’s also probably the least expensive! Result. I’d highly recommend picking one up to get rid of all of those ‘festive smells’ – namely [...]