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The Eve Lom Makeup Test: Surprise Verdict

face makeup test mineral foundation

A rather belated review, I’m afraid; I had a bit of a shade mix-up with the Eve Lom products when they were first launched and then they got a little overlooked for a while, partly because I wasn’t overly wowed by the product that I tried first (spoiler alert!) but mostly because my schedule went haywire and I simply couldn’t ... Read More »

Molecule 01 – My Favourite Fragrance

Escentric Molecules 1

 I have been trawling through a whole load of fragrances, wondering what to suggest people buy for Christmas or put on their wish-lists, and I have realised that the main problem with fragrance – the biggest reason for it sometimes feeling like a bit of a ‘cop out’ present – is that it’s so mainstream. Most fragrances that we can ... Read More »

Aqua Sana Spa Suites

Aqua Sana Spa Suites

I think I can safely leave it to Mr AMR to sum up the new Aqua Sana Spa Suites at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest. This is a man who has travelled extensively, staying at some of the most expensive and highly regarded hotels in the world – a man who is married to the pickiest woman in the world (maybe), ... Read More »

Festive Fendi

Fan di Fendi Limited Edition

 Fendi have released two limited edition versions of their fragrance Fan di Fendi, and they are both quite bonkers. The first, priced at £120, is a 50ml bottle that zips into its very own patent leather case, like a little leather jacket! You can see more details on that here: FAN DI FENDI, ESCENTUAL The second is strictly one for ... Read More »

It’s Not Terry’s, It’s Mine.

By Terry Sheer-Expert Foundation

Hands off, Terry – your sheer-expert foundation might be ‘by’ you, but now it’s all mine! Absolutely stonking beauty product of the week prize must go to By Terry’s Sheer-Expert Foundation. It’s so ridiculously glowy, but it has no shimmer in it at all. Wearing it is like being lit from within – look at my photograph! I must have ... Read More »

Retraction! Clarins Passion Face Palette

Clarins Passion Face Palette

ARGH! Retraction, retraction, just so I don’t make a complete tool of myself! In the October Beauty Roundup I talked about the Clarins Passion Face Palette and I used it as a subtle illuminator on my cheekbones and under my brows. This is not an illuminator! After a number of uses, it seems that the gold sparkles just disappear – ... Read More »

The Problem With Pink

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a more interesting title! I was having a rummage through my makeup box last week – the box of things that have ‘yet to be tried’, which is overwhelmingly huge – and I found a little selection of pink lippies that I had been meaning to play with for a while. Pink is a difficult ... Read More »