Lips, Perfected.

urban decay ultra nourishing lip balm

I don’t tend to get excited about lipglosses (apart from crystal-clear pristine ones, see Gloss Prodige in the last “Thing of Beauty” feature) but the new Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing ones have really grabbed my attention. It helps, I suppose, that they are packaged nicely – in the metallic finish du jour, rose gold – and it also helps that they … Read More

Ruth CrillyLips, Perfected.

Thing of Beauty: Clarins Gloss Prodige in Crystal

gloss crystal

There are few things as satisfying, beauty-wise, as a pristine, crystal-clear lipgloss. It’s the cosmetic equivalent of fresh, untrodden snow. It’s virtually impossible to keep a transparent gloss clean and so I spent more time than was probably necessary taking photographs of this gorgeous Clarins Gloss Prodige, making the bubble rise to just the right level, painstakingly angling the wand and … Read More

Ruth CrillyThing of Beauty: Clarins Gloss Prodige in Crystal

Accidental Product Destruction and the Burgundy Smokey Eye…

eyeshadow makeup review

Don’t you hate it when you open a brand new eyeshadow palette and stick your thumbnail straight into the powder? I’ll admit that it makes for a more interesting still life photograph, but it’s annoying nonetheless! This quad is a nice little number from KIKO cosmetics; the “Color Fever” palette in Coral Burgundy. Warm, rich tones that look sultry and spicy … Read More

Ruth CrillyAccidental Product Destruction and the Burgundy Smokey Eye…

Clinique Neutral Territory 2: The Palette that Doesn’t Require its own Trolley.

eyeshadow clinique palette

A chic, slimline, ultra-portable palette of neutral shades? Yes please. This Clinique launch, the Neutral Territory 2, ticks most boxes. The packaging is incredibly lightweight and low-profile – no extra bulk whatsoever – and the shadows inside are nicely pigmented, long-wearing and universally flattering. In particular, I love the addition of the warm, reddish accent shade (second from right) that really … Read More

Ruth CrillyClinique Neutral Territory 2: The Palette that Doesn’t Require its own Trolley.

January Beauty Favourites

ruth crilly model beauty favourites

Ah, here we are again. Monthly favourites. Apologies in advance; I have been on a bit of a beauty “hiatus” this month, partly because I spent the first two weeks of it watching The Good Wife and partly because I still haven’t properly sorted out my beauty room. I don’t know where anything is and I also seem to have mislaid … Read More

Ruth CrillyJanuary Beauty Favourites

Givenchy Magic Lip & Cheek Balm


I love the retro feel of this little Givenchy pot. The lid looks sleek, but the bright blue plastic is very eighties, especially with the pink balm inside! As usual, when I first used this I ploughed ahead and slapped it on without reading what it was supposed to do. I had really sore lips, so I applied it all … Read More

Ruth CrillyGivenchy Magic Lip & Cheek Balm

Topshop Tip

ruth crilly expert quote

Topshop asked me to talk about my favourite product from their range. I have to admit that I was torn between this highlighter and the cream blush in Neon Rose! Here I am on the Topshop website giving my little makeup tip:  If you’re tired of the pearly, silvery highlighters then this one has a very nice golden hue that … Read More

Ruth CrillyTopshop Tip

My Makeup for Last Week’s Lingerie Casting

Lingerie Casting Makeup Tutorial

This video expands on last week’s “how I prepare for a lingerie casting” video. It’s a full-length tutorial for the makeup look, as requested by lots of viewers. Those of you who were asking about the By Terry Cover-Expert, you can get a better idea of how much coverage it gives and how easily it blends by watching the start … Read More

Ruth CrillyMy Makeup for Last Week’s Lingerie Casting

Peach Cobbler-ed.

ruth crilly chanel peach

Oh my God. I mean, seriously, “OMG”. That has to win the prize as one of my worst ever titles, surely? I’m laughing insanely at it even as I type. Sod it, it stays. The reference to Peach Cobbler will probably be lost on many non-US readers but that makes the whole thing even more satisfyingly insane. Peach! Peaches! I … Read More

Ruth CrillyPeach Cobbler-ed.

What’s in my Bathroom Drawer?

what do models use

OK, listen. I’ll admit right now that I thought this idea was a bit stupid; it’s kind of a YouTube obsession. People show viewers their ‘collections’ of makeup and how they store it. Personally, I cannot think of anything more boring than watching whole minutes of somebody open drawers in their bathroom cabinet, but there’s a huge demand. So here … Read More

Ruth CrillyWhat’s in my Bathroom Drawer?