ruth crilly pharmacie skincare haul

French Skincare: What I Bought at the Pharmacy

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A much-requested video; half the world now seems to be obsessed with the mysterious delights that are kept locked up in the legendary French Pharmacie. I don’t tend to go pharmacy shopping as much as I used to, and that is mainly because the things that I used to stock up on are now widely available. [...]

july monthly beauty favourites

July Makeup and Skincare Favourites

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Here we are once more; monthly favourites. I have Caroline Hirons with me again so you’ll need to prepare yourself for a fair amount of chatting. In Caroline’s skincare video, at any rate – I edited the makeup video down from thirty-two minutes to about nine, but Caroline has gone for the director’s cut and published [...]

skincare at sainsbury's

Aroma Actives: Supermarket Skincare, Luxury Heritage

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Excellent news for people looking for well-formulated skincare at reasonable prices: Geraldine Howard, founder of luxe brand Aromatherapy Associates, has created a special range for Sainsbury’s. This isn’t breaking news, I’m afraid – I think that the range might have launched about a year ago – but it is, as I said, good news. Aromatherapy Associates is [...]

sisters share skincare offer

Reader Offer: Pai Skincare for Your Sister!

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Pai Skincare have launched some brilliant beauty kits, the Anywhere Essentials Collections. I have always loved Pai for their gentle, soothing formulas; their Echium Eye Cream is my number one post-shoot eye treatment because it’s so great at calming down any soreness and their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is one of the best rejuvenating face oils out there. Potent, 99.8% organic and [...]

summer skincare essentials

Summer Holiday Skincare and Self Tan Favourites

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Some holiday (or pre-holiday) skincare essentials. The VO5 Hot Oil is a bit of an anomaly because it’s for your hair and not for your face, but it was orange and summery and looked good in my photographs! Hot Oil is one of those beauty products that seems very old fashioned, now, because it’s been around for such a long [...]

Sparkling Summer Skincare Treats

Sparkling Summer Skincare Treats

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Some lovely, summery skincare bits and pieces that I’ve been trying. I’ve probably harped on about the MD Formulations Moisture Defense (right of photo) quite enough by now, but just to recap: weightless skin hydration with a load of antioxidants packed in. Perfect for popping on beneath your sunscreen – it has been formulated for oily skin, [...]

best facial self tanners

The Foolproof Suit-All Golden Glow for Face.

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Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster does all of the right things when it comes to facial tanning: it’s subtle, it’s streak-free and it gives the most gorgeous, believable glow. Perhaps its biggest selling point, though, is the fact that it fits seamlessly into any existing skincare routine; you just add a few drops of the concentrate to your [...]

probiotic organic skincare

The Miracle Cleanser by Aurelia

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A lovely cleanser to add to your wishlist; Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser. I am new to Aurelia, and I’m afraid I’ll have to do a bit of swotting up before I can even begin to tell you about “probiotic skincare” or “bioorganic ingredients”, but this cleanser impressed me immediately. It’s creamy and rich but still easy to [...]