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Investment Piece: The Trench Coat

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I owe this coat discovery to Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, who always seems to have the most brilliant items in her extensive travelling wardrobe! Nic, her sister, does too. I have no idea whether they spend all day shopping or are just incredibly good at spotting the best items, but they both seem to be [...]

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Some Springtime Scent Suggestions…

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Sorry for that quite horrid bit of alliteration in the post title; I’m writing this at just before one in the morning and, after a certain time, my brain switches into Standby Mode. I start thinking in clichés and overusing semicolons; I have to fight my own fingers in order to produce sentences with less [...]

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Monica & Joe Youtube Giveaway

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**UPDATE: the winner is Youtube User “Nichola233″! If you see this then please get in touch – you can leave a comment here or catch me on Twitter! xx** Howdee partners! (Shoot me.) I have a giveaway running for my Youtube subscribers and it’s a good one! I know that many of you are already [...]

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Peach Cobbler-ed.

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Oh my God. I mean, seriously, “OMG”. That has to win the prize as one of my worst ever titles, surely? I’m laughing insanely at it even as I type. Sod it, it stays. The reference to Peach Cobbler will probably be lost on many non-US readers but that makes the whole thing even more [...]