Dream Cream

This is an unexpected winner for me in the ‘soothing products’ line, and I shall be using it as an aftersun before bed.

Ruth CrillyDream Cream

Model Legs in Minutes! Soap & Glory Glow Getter.

“My legs have rebelled and remained pale- to be quite honest, I may as well have sunbathed with my legs encased in lead.”

Ruth CrillyModel Legs in Minutes! Soap & Glory Glow Getter.

Clinique Almost Bronzer

I have the sudden, impatient urge to look gorgeously sunkissed like a Californian babe.

Ruth CrillyClinique Almost Bronzer

Solar Defense!

when you spend the entire evening sipping wine outside the pub, you won’t get home to find (in the cold dark of night) that your face is glowing lobster-red

Ruth CrillySolar Defense!