Bonus Nail Freebie saves the day!

I painted my nails in record time – the varnish went on really easily and smoothly.

Ruth CrillyBonus Nail Freebie saves the day!

Springtime Bronzers: Soleil Tan de Chanel

The bronze and gold pigments are so fine that the overall effect is just very luxurious and glowing.

Ruth CrillySpringtime Bronzers: Soleil Tan de Chanel

Clinique Clear Blemish Gel

A few days on and the spots are mere shadows on my skin.

Ruth CrillyClinique Clear Blemish Gel


This is what I think I would look like if I decided to bake bread whilst wearing Dermalogica’s Vitamin Recovery Masque.

Ruth CrillyEr…

The Reason I’m a Blonde

I thought that I would be a colour chameleon just like Linda E., but sadly that was not the case.

Ruth CrillyThe Reason I’m a Blonde

A Model Returns

I’m back – slightly later than promised due to a certain hyperactive volcano – but a model’s working life is littered with such setbacks and disasters! Anyhow, on your left you will see the Colosseum and a rather whimsical looking face (mine) in front of it. I think that I look really quite fresh considering that I had been up … Read More

Ruth CrillyA Model Returns

Maybelline Great Lash

Great Lash is perfect for low-key lashes…

Ruth CrillyMaybelline Great Lash