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The Girl-Next-Door Look (Jennifer Aniston?)

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Another week, another outfit. This one is quite wholesome and girl-next-door in comparison to last week’s Sicilian Widow black lace look! Something about it reminds me of Jennifer Aniston’s style, but perhaps it’s just the hair and sunglasses combo. The blouse is from Oasis (again – I just can’t seem to resist the cut of their shirts) and [...]

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Mad Pets, Lots of Shoes and my Oasis Spotty Blouse.

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I think that this spotted blouse from Oasis is probably one of the best things I’ll buy this spring. (I know it’s not actually spring yet, but fashion works in mysterious (stupid) ways, forcing us to buy bikinis when it’s snowing and so on and so forth.) But anyway, the blouse; it’s just gorgeous. The [...]


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I once stood in a field in a £2000 gown, and in the final shot I looked like the most glamorous woman in the world – but my feet were toasty and warm in my UGGs!