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The Exclusive Community Page – Autumn 2012

Hello Exclusive members! If you’re reading this then it’s most likely that you’re already signed up to the Newsletter, but if you’ve wandered on over by mistake, then you can get signed up by popping your email into the box below. The last newsletter went out on the 29th of October 2012 and the next will be just before Christmas, so depending on when you’re joining, you might not get a newsletter for a while. I have plans to make them more frequent, but…you know how it is.

This is a community page to be used for questions and comments arising from the Autumn 2012 newsletter. There will be a new one with each edition, just so that comment threads don’t get too long. Feel free to chat, recommend books, discuss whatever you like (usual courtesy to others and language rules apply, please!) and I shall keep popping in to answer any questions.

Ruth x

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  1. Just read the email – Love it again :)

    Re: Fitness – I have been following the Tone It Up girls routines (you can find them on YouTube, I am sure you have already heard of them!), they have a website & an app too. (Side note – how cool would an AMR app be?!) I have been following the routines for 2 months now & feel more toned, fitter, stronger & have more energy! And you can fit them in around your schedule!

    Hope that Mr Bear feels better soon! xx

  2. Hi Ruth, I was reading your news letter this week in particular your piece on high street beauty struck a cord. For several years I have been using Jan Marini for several years and I’m very happy with my skin. However recently, not least due to the price, I’ve been wondering is this worth it? It’s give steps and sometimes I wonder would I get the same results with a product with less steps which is cheaper too? It’s difficult to trust results in magazines as I’m not sure they’re impartial. Can you help? Many thanks
    Michelle :-)

    • I’ve heard VERY good things about that range but never tried. I think it’s all down to what works for you and whether you can afford it – I’ve heard really good things about it. Which steps do you have? xx

  3. Hi Ruth Love the newsletter and another great generous Pai offer.Wishing Mr Bear well soon. It’s horrible when they are poorly. My little Alfie (Birman) was very ill a few years ago and even if he has one day where he’s off his food I become a hysterical Cat mother!
    Best Wishes Suz

  4. Thanks for the newsletter, Ruth :) Hope Mr Bear gets better soon and nothing sinister is going on xx

  5. Hello Ruth all my best wishes to Mr Bear. Don’t know if you have tried Klorane eye makeup remover Gel? I think it’s even better than the liquid, really good at removing eye liner. X

  6. On Thursday we had to put down our 18 year old cat :( He came to Poland with us all the way from Australia, had a fun and interesting life! Unfortunately he got really ill, started smelling awful so we took him to the vet and it turned out he had a hole that went from his gum to practically his skull and it was rotting… so he was living with a rotting head… God poor thing, he’s not in pain anymore :(

  7. Get well soon, Mr. Bear, you adorable plushy kitty. xo

  8. Hi Ruth, thank you again for the newsletter!! with respect to Mr Bear, I hope he feels much better soon-I have a ragdoll cat-she also had some constipation/intestinal issues, however, they stopped once i started brushing/massaging her belly regularly and fed her different food- Royal Canin Sensitive-I am not sure if this helps at all, but thought I may as well share :-) all the best !!

  9. Sorry that poor Mr Bear is ill- xxx to both of you

  10. So sorry that Mr. Bear is sick :( I hope he gets better. Btw, I didn’t know that your shopping website got hacked. What %$&!@#! whoever did it.

    On the positivies: LOVED this edition. We all know you work hard. And you deserve everything that you have. You didn’t have to explain yourself – why you shop for expensive things sometimes. That’s the reason why you have the fans that you do aside from your other obvious talents – people that review expensive things make life a lot whole easier for us because when we DO have the money to shop for something a little bit more expensive – we know what to get because you’ve reviewed them! So thank you so so very much and for putting so much effort into these newsletters. Much love! xoxo

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