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The Exclusive Community Page – Autumn 2012

Hello Exclusive members! If you’re reading this then it’s most likely that you’re already signed up to the Newsletter, but if you’ve wandered on over by mistake, then you can get signed up by popping your email into the box below. The last newsletter went out on the 29th of October 2012 and the next will be just before Christmas, so depending on when you’re joining, you might not get a newsletter for a while. I have plans to make them more frequent, but…you know how it is.

This is a community page to be used for questions and comments arising from the Autumn 2012 newsletter. There will be a new one with each edition, just so that comment threads don’t get too long. Feel free to chat, recommend books, discuss whatever you like (usual courtesy to others and language rules apply, please!) and I shall keep popping in to answer any questions.

Ruth x


  1. Hey Ruth, just wondering what the Pai code (bodybeautiful) is for?
    And since it’s the first time I’m posting, I wanted to say this is such a wonderful blog, I’ve only come across it recently and I’m so thrilled because it’s absolutely fab, especially for uni students like me :) I love it xx

  2. Hello Ruth! The newsletter was a good read. Hope Mr Bear is on the way to recovery.In the high street beauty buys, you mention Loreal Super Liner as a good one. I’v been on the hunt for a matt jet black liner for ages! Just wanted to know if the Loreal one is matt. Would you say it is good for precise lines?

  3. Hi Ruth,

    the La Roche-Posay Moisturizer and the Olay Elixir sound really nice! I’m dealing with clocked pores since two weeks. I think my Self-tanner or the Dior Nude Foundation caused this (hopefully not the foundation because I love it so much; did you have problems with it?). Would you recommend the Moisturizer for dry and sensitive (argh) skin? I’m 25….
    Love your newsletter, everything you do and most important: you. I always trust you and love you view on things. xxx Anna

    • God, I hope not the Dior, I love it to bits! Which self-tanner is it? I’m not sure on the Efflacar for sensitive…you’d have to patch test.. x

      • The Académie Bronze Express gel. I tried both (self-tanner and Dior) at the same time. Never a good idea…Now I have to wait until the clocked pores are gone and have to test one after the other (though I really want that it was not the Dior Foundation). Thanks; I will patch test first. I’m really searching for a product that will clear my skin. Some of those clocked white pores are gone after a week but there are a few that never won’t (and I’m using the Alpha H every other night and the Cleanse& Polish to remove my makeup)…
        Hope Mr Bear is better now! xxx Anna

      • Ups my reply isn’t visible:(

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Great newsletter. I hope Mr Bear recovers soon! Also I found out about Pai from your website. I’ve been using their products for nearly half a year now and they are perfect: thank you for writing about them!

  5. Code for Pai, for anyone who has signed up but not yet received their newsletter, is BODYBEAUTIFUL. x

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