Guilt-free Banana Ice-cream

If you do one new thing this week, then please make it this… it takes precisely two minutes and is the most guilt-free, delicious pudding ever!

It’s hardly even worth me writing out a recipe, but I’m going to anyway because I want you to remember this next time you’re hunting around the kitchen for something sweet to eat whilst you watch Relocation Relocation or whatever it is that you can’t tear yourself away from.
1) It takes a tiny amount of preparation, which is this: the next time you have some bananas that are going black on the skins (which for me is all the time!), peel them and chip off the little hard bits on the ends of the banana. Now place the skinned bananas in a freezer bag and freeze them. You will only need one skinned and frozen banana per person, per dessert, so freeze as many or as little as you like – they last for ages once frozen.
2) When you are ready for your totally guilt-free dessert, pop a frozen banana into your blender, and blend for a minute or so. You will see the banana turning creamy and white – literally into banana ice-cream. That’s it! Just one ingredient! It tastes the same (if not better!) as a full-fat, thigh-enlarging ice-cream and it looks the same – but it only has the same amount of calories and fat as a humble, boring banana, because that’s all it is!
Sorry if I sound overexcited about this, but it really has to be tried to be believed. Never again will you break a diet or a ‘regime’ because you couldn’t resist something sweet at around 9pm – just keep a few peeled bananas in the freezer, you’ll have your healthy dessert in less time than it would have taken your Haagen Dazs to become soft enough to scoop.

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