3 Custom Color Clarifying Pencil

3 Custom Color Clarifying PencilWhoever invented this pencil needs to be kissed all over. I know that concealer pencils aren’t anything new, but I just find the texture and finish on this one to be superb. And it’s more than a concealer, anyway – it has much more of an illuminating effect. Not so shiny-shiny that it actually highlights blemishes, but radiant enough that it brings the eyes alive when used on the waterline and gives a little ‘lift’ when applied beneath the arch of the eyebrows.

I’d say that my primary use for the 3 Custom Pencil is inside the lower lid – it’s amazing for brightening tired or red eyes. Much better than using the oft’ recommended (not by me!) white pencil, this actually makes the skin look light and fresh, rather than as though it has had chalk rubbed all over it. I have always found the ‘white pencil’ trick a bit bizarre – painting the rim of your lid to match your eyeball?! It rarely works because unless the whites of your eyes are absolutely, perfectly white, the white pencil just serves to make your eyes look more yellow by contrast.

A flesh shade is the way to go – lighter than your skin tone, but only just, it’ll freshen and enliven. I keep the 3 Custom pencil nice and sharp so that I can also use it to conceal small blemishes and to define my Cupid’s Bow, but it actually doesn’t matter if it runs down a little bit, it’s quite nice to apply to the inner eye if the point isn’t dangerously needle-sharp! The consistency is actually quite waxy – usually I prefer a creamy or gel-like texture, but it keeps it on the waterline much longer, I find.

The 3 Custom pencil only comes in one shade, but for use in the waterline it just about suits all but the very darkest skin-tones. This pencil has, over the last few months, become a permanent resident in my makeup bag. A very good sign! It costs £12 from Cult Beauty HERE.

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