3 Power Masks for Finickity Faces

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My skin, post-pregnancy, is still not back to its robust self. Whereas once upon a time it could withstand the skincare equivalent of armageddon, surviving multiple applications of acid peel and manual exfoliations that required safety goggles, it now shrivels with fear when I even wave a bottle of Good Genes in its direction. (I used to use Good Genes as an overnight treatment, at present I can’t even use it as a rinse-off mask. I lasted twenty seconds before it had to come straight back off again. Amazing stuff, and I would highly recommend, but not for those who are on the sensitive side.)

Power masks for instant results… 

So: three power face masks for finickity skin that doesn’t enjoy being put through the mill. The first is a power-hydrator: the Drink-Up Intensive from Origins. Leave it on for as long as you wish – overnight is good – and you’ll reap the benefits if your skin is feeling a bit ropey and dry. It’s a nice one if you want to do some in-bath pampering but don’t want to particularly “renew” or “revitalise” or “take off eighteen layers of skin”… Find it online here.

Stepping things up a gear, Michael Todd’s Avocado and Mango mask (£24 here) promises to hydrate and soothe and it really, really does. Really. I love this mask and wish I hadn’t accidentally packed it back up in our storage unit! It’s a moisturising mask with extras: loads of antioxidants, comforting ingredients and a touch of exfoliant (salicylic) to keep things fresh and sparkly. It smells a bit fruity but not overpoweringly so and it’s easy to rinse off once you feel you’ve had enough.

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Stepping things up even more, Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess mask. I’ve raved about this loads – it’s like a mask, toner and primer in one. It does wonders for my skin and is one of the best-smelling masks I’ve ever used. Refining, softening, smoothing and lifting and not too harsh on my hormonal face. Read my full review here.

If you’re looking for an exfoliating face mask for sensitive skin then do also read my Pai review – I should have included their AHA mask here but didn’t have my tube of product for the picture!

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