A Brilliant Light Moisture Fluid for Oily and Combination Skin.

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I mentioned La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Fluide a couple of weeks ago, but here it is again with its own full page review. Because it deserves one, absolutely; it’s a great option for people who would like a very lightweight, non-oily moisturiser that will hydrate and soothe in a very simple, uncomplicated way. This little moisturiser has been specifically formulated for skin that’s oily or combination but at the same time sensitive or easily aggravated so it’s an absolute gem for pulling out when you have those “crazy skin” weeks and just want to take everything back down to basics.

I actually discovered Toleriane Fluid when I was looking for cheaper alternatives to Omorovicza’s Elemental Emulsion, a wonderfully delicate skin hydrator that sets my beauty heart fluttering but also has a price-tag that would make my accountant a bit shouty. (You can read about EE here – it costs £95!)  Toleriane has absolutely nothing in common with Elemental Emulsion, formula wise, but in terms of texture and overall vague effect, it is definitely worth a look. Same light, fluid consistency coupled with surprisingly good hydrating abilities. I have to admit that Omorovicza’s version kicks Toleriane to the kerb when it comes to hydration, but then I haven’t yet found anything as light as Elemental Emulsion that does quite the same job when it comes to hydration. It’s in a league of its own. Perhaps Hydraluron, but that’s a serum, and it doesn’t have the same comfortable feel…

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Chantecaille’s Water Flower Fluid also has a gorgeous consistency – again, not quite as supremely hydrating as the Omorovicza, but up there with the best of them. (I tested over a dozen moisture fluids to find the best ones – I’ll write that up soon!) All of those pictured above are suitable for oily/combination skin, but I would say that only the two on the left would be suitable for “normal” and if you had dry or very dry, then maybe only the Omorovicza would be any good. And even then, you’d use it as a kind of “boost” of moisture before your actual cream. In short; moisture fluids tend to be better for skin that isn’t too dry!

Anyway, Toleriane is a mere fraction of the price of Omorovicza’s moisturiser, so I consider it to be quite a find. It really is for oily or combination skins, though – it wouldn’t be anywhere near rich enough for dry. Even on my normal days, I find it to be the wrong choice. It’s not that it’s particularly mattifying, it’s just that it disappears straight into the skin and doesn’t have any of the kind of residue or slip that gives you that plumpy-comfort feel. But for oily or combination skins: bingo. It’s as simple as they come, this moisturiser – it gives you just enough hydration if you need some to layer over spot formulas or to pop on beneath your makeup.

The ingredients list is pretty short and unfussy (see below) and the fluid is dispensed from a pump-action bottle, nice and convenient. It’s a good choice for people who panic about how to moisturise their oily and spot-prone skin and also cheap enough for teens looking for effective skincare. And as I mentioned; if you have those “crazy skin” weeks where your face is spot-prone but angry and sore at the same time, it’s a blessing in a bottle.

There’s  a third off this moisturiser at the moment at Escentual.com – it should be £15, it’s now £10. You can find it here.

Ingredients: Water, Squalene, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carprylyl Glycol.

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