A Dozen Red Roses. Kinda.

valentine's gift ideasMy hypocrisy knows no bounds: I moan about people ‘cashing in’ on Valentine’s yet I always expect a present. Or at least a card. I won’t apologise for this, it’s just one of my many personality defects.

As a lover of all things rose-scented, I thought that I’d put together a collection of suitably romantic rose ‘things’ for every budget – and a couple of options for those people who hate roses. Detest them. Throw up in the wastepaper basket every time they smell them. Those people have the option of: Parma Violets, Peonies or Chocolate.

Enjoy – the links are beneath the video pane. I’d suggest emailing your loved one this page, or if there’s a particular gift you’d like to receive, email the specific link!

Jo Malone Red Roses Candle: http://tidd.ly/1bd02fed

 ByTerry Or de Rose: http://goo.gl/30yuW

 l’Occitane Candle: http://goo.gl/oZzKE

 NAKED Showergel, Rose: http://tidd.ly/9582305

Dr Hauschka Rozencreme Light, free worldwide delivery: http://tidd.ly/284849c9

 REN Rose Otto £25: http://goo.gl/q7Ys7 or £30 with free worldwide delivery: http://tidd.ly/eaae1a8e

Lavera Rose Bath Oil, free worldwide delivery: http://tidd.ly/5ee879c7

Aromatherapy Associates Massage OIl, free worldwide delivery: http://tidd.ly/3c9b7014

 Moroccan Argan & Rose: http://tidd.ly/21134093 and Viridian Oil: http://tidd.ly/9dae22a – ****use code “VALENTINE” for 20% off until midnight on the 14th Feb 2012****

Dior Rosy Glow 001: http://tidd.ly/2c9c527b

Tisserand Rose Wash: http://tidd.ly/4cfb1292

 Floris White Rose Bath OIl: http://goo.gl/VfF0M

Rose hater?

Voilets, Compagnie de Provence Violette: coming soon! Ooops.

Peonies, Pivoine Flora: http://goo.gl/sB5zo

Body Shop Chocolate Body Butter: http://goo.gl/jSMti

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