A Final Word on Glossybox.

glossyboxWell, perhaps not the final word, but unless somebody really really objects, then this will be the last post dedicated to subscription boxes. (Unless something truly spectacular and/or exciting happens!) There are plenty of people out there in the world wide web describing the contents of their Glossybox every month – one very fine example is Mushaboom, who ‘battles’ the various beauty boxes against one another every month. All extremely good fun! She compares and contrasts and has a genuine interest in all things beauty-box, so I am very happily passing you over to her for all of your beauty subscription fixes!

One last thing though, because I have two boxes in front of me from October – I’m going to do a very quick comparison of Glossybox and Boudoir Privé. This is the first Boudoir Privé box that I have seen, and I’m really impressed with the variety of samples included. Many of the brands are ones that I’ve never heard of, which I think makes the whole thing rather more exciting – like a blind date. Obviously blind dates have their disadvantages – you may be horrified at what you end up getting, being one of them – but it does add a little frisson to the proceedings. Here are the contents of the BP box:

boudoir prive box

A really nice little selection. Lots of variety. A full-size Rose Petal Salve (much-needed coming into winter), a large sample of Korres Guava Butter, a full-size Zoya nail polish, an eyeliner, three skincare samples and the tiniest body scrub in the world. It would probably scrub one of your knees.

Glossybox for October:


Quite high in value, but it’s very Dermalogica-orientated! Love the Leighton Denny polish, love the Stila Smudgestick and the Dermalogica samples are from the Multivitamin range which is one of my favourites…

So there, a quick little picture of each. I’m sure that this subscription box idea will go from strength to strength, but I do think that they need to sort out the excess packaging issue. I’m getting quite cross in general at the amount of packaging wastage that there is – my recycling bin is full to the brim every week! And I’m not just talking about beauty brands, either – making a simple stir-fry with ingredients from the supermarket produces a whole bagful of plastic wastage. And that’s just a stir-fry with – you know – fresh ingredients! (I realise that going to a butcher and then a grocer would eliminate much of said waste, but sometimes that’s just impossible, isn’t it?)

Mini-rant over. What’s your verdict on the Beauty Boxes? Remember to check out Mushaboom and her fabulous in-depth reviews!

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