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Tracklements Fig Relish My current food obsession: Tracklements Fig Relish. It is amazing. I eat lots of goat cheese and this is the perfect pairing. It’s sweet and sour at the same time and the texture is just gorgeous – really ‘seedy’ (?!) and sticky. One of my most frequent quick lunches is to prepare a bowl of fresh rocket leaves dressed with oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, throw in some fresh baby tomatoes or sunblush tomatoes and then top with a round of goat’s cheese that has been grilled until the top starts to caramelise. I used to pile a load of red onion marmalade over this but the Fig Relish absolutely blows that one out of the water! It’s also an interesting condiment to have on standby for when you’re offering cheese to guests (as you do) and it can be paired with lots of soft cheeses, not just goat. If you need something more substantial and really want to go to town, fill a ciabatta roll with goat’s cheese slices, top with the relish and add a handful of crunchy, dressed leaves. They make a similar sandwich (which is huge) at La Bouche on Broadway Market, London E8, but it’s simple enough to make at home – if you have problems making a sandwich, you’re really in trouble!

Tracklements Fig Relish is £3.99 from Waitrose, home of the ‘condiments that require mortgages.’

Oh I know what I was going to tell you! Remembered just in the nick of time: if you’re trying to keep calories and/or fat content low, then opt for the soft, spreadable goat’s cheese that comes in those slightly pyramidal pots. It’s not so strong in flavour – more of a ‘goatier’ Philadelphia – but it has a fraction of the calories and fat content. I prefer the rinded cheeses because you can slit them in half to make two rounds and then grill to melt the tops. Mmm. But the soft versions are really handy to have in the fridge – not so convenient for salads, but great to spread on bread or crackers or whatever you’re having…

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