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Throughout my modelling career I developed a genuine and deep interest in skincare, cosmetics, diet and body maintenance. My career then, and now, depends on me looking the best I can at all times, and so I am constantly on the prowl for bigger and better products that will lift, tone, brighten, polish and enhance. If they make the grade, they get written about on the hallowed (ha!) pages of A Model Recommends – if they’re rubbish, they go in the bin. (Actually, they go to charity, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic.)

I don’t get paid to write good things about products – all of the work you see is my own, unbiased opinion. If I am paid to post (a ‘sponsored’ post) then it will be clearly marked as an “AD”, but please be aware that I choose my sponsored work very carefully and work hard to make the content relevant and interesting. If a post is paid for it absolutely doesn’t mean that my good opinion has been bought – I deeply value my credibility and the trust of my audience. I turn down far more work than I take and I think carefully about any branded opportunity that presents itself. There is no charge for accessing this site and running it is incredibly labour-intensive – it’s my full-time job. As such, creating some sponsored content is a necessity, especially as I don’t display advertising banners or pop-ups.

I am given product samples as an inevitable part of being a beauty and fashion writer and online “person”. I also, much to the dismay of my accountant, spend thousands and thousands of pounds every year on beauty products, clothes and accessories, so the products featured here on the site are a big mish-mash of purchases and press samples, though please assume a product is a sample unless I’ve described it as otherwise. (There is a constantly-present disclaimer in my sidebar to that effect.)

If a brand has sponsored a post or video then it will always be disclaimed clearly on that feature – no disclaimer means that the mention is purely editorial. There are always those that will question the integrity of even editorial posts, but all that I can humanly do is be completely transparent and honest: if there is any brand involvement, no matter how tenuous, there will be a disclaimer. (I disclaim tweets that lead to a sponsored post, to take a small example, even if the brand has in no way paid for those tweets.)

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I take my responsibilities as the author of this site very seriously and research products as much as possible, however what suits my skin/complexion/eye-colour/body-shape/lifestyle might be terrible for yours so please be sensible when following recommendations. Always try something out in-store if you can or try to obtain a free sample if it’s skincare. If you have very sensitive skin then be extra careful and check ingredients before purchasing!

Finally, I try to provide up-to-date pricing information and stockist links. They are always correct at the moment of publishing, but over time they will naturally be subject to some change. Most stockist links are affiliate links which means that I receive a small percentage of revenue if sales are made, but this in no way affects you or the way in which I write about the featured products. Any specific brand affiliations, collaborations or partnerships will be clearly marked. (Can’t say that enough, really.)

I hope you enjoy your time at A Model Recommends. Bookmark it or subscribe by email so that you never miss a post – there’s always something new to read or watch. If you have any questions leave a comment on the relevant post and I’ll try to answer it as soon as my one-woman team (me) gets around to it.


Ongoing Brand Work:

Colab Dry Shampoo (see here): I am a co-founder and spokesmodel for Colab. Blindingly obvious with my name and face splashed all over the can, but just in case there’s any possible doubt!

L’Oreal: I am part of the L’Oreal Beauty Squad, you can find out more information on that partnership here.

Photo credits: Francois Durand for Dior. francoisdurand.com



DISCLOSURE POLICY. Posts published after 24th January 2019: if the post contains gifted items or affiliate links then it is indicated clearly beneath the title. Posts published prior to this will have a disclosure within the body of the post and then an asterisk * marking all affiliate links. If the content is a paid-for AD then it is marked as an AD in the title. For more information on disclosure please read here.