A Vision In Grey Marl

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE grey marl, but does anyone else think that this double-marl look is slightly weird? I wonder what this couple wear in their ‘down-time’ if this is what they put on to actually step into the outside world? Sleeping bags?

Although this couple caused a bit of a scene walking through the heart of London’s Square Mile (I wasn’t the only one with my iPhone pointed discreetly at their backs!) I can’t help feeling slightly envious of them. 1) They look extremely comfortable, both in their clothes and with each other. Their body language says ‘we’re working the (until now unheard of) sophisti-chav look, and we are united in it. Sticks and stones (baseball bats, crow-bars) may break our bones but words will never hurt us.” 2) Their morning outfit-choosing dilemmas must be non-existent. Not only will they never clash, with themselves or each other, but they’ll always blend in with the pavement.

I was intrigued to know what they looked like from the front, but just as I was about to sidle around them and oh-so-casually look over my shoulder, the man turned around and gave me a look that could quite easily have turned me to stone. Which would have made three entirely grey people.

Watch me work the Sophisti-Chav – I’m off to invest in some Sports Luxe marl and Reebok Classics!

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