Abahna for Affordable Luxury Beauty

I hate the term “affordable luxury” because so often the “luxury” isn’t there. It’s just affordable “mediocre stuff” that some clueless idiot in an office somewhere has deemed to be luxurious. When it comes to Abahna, however, I have to admit that the term fits very well – the products are both incredibly luxurious and totally affordable. Abahna don’t actually pitch themselves as being affordable – they pitch themselves as a luxury brand, and everything about the products is luxurious. Beautiful packaging, quality natural ingredients and scents that would rival some of the most expensive on the market. And that’s why it’s such a surprise when you see the prices – glass bottles of bath oil are £20, gorgeous purse-sprays are £15, and everything is boxed and perfectly presented.

It’s the minis that I think are the best thing, though – boxed triple-milled soaps for £4, fragrant shower gels for £5, 100ml (yes, 100ml!) of body lotion for £6. What rich-pickings for gift buying! You could put together a really lovely package of beauty products for around £20 and gift-wrapping (it hardly even needs gift-wrapping!) is free of charge. There are four fragrance ranges, so you could stick to one or mix-and-match – the colours are so pretty that it would be impossible to put together a bad-looking present!


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