Adieu Caudalie Huile de Bain!

Ah. End of an era. My Caudalie Huile de Bain Drainante & Relaxante (I’m sure you can work that one out!) has finally come to the end of its lifespan. I have just squirted the very last drop of oil into my bathwater and, whilst my bath finishes running, I thought that I’d write this.

Sometimes you have a connection to a product that is nothing to do with the effects of the product itself. Take this bath oil, for example. I remember the actual moment when my best friend gave it to me, along with a Caudalie Foaming Wash. This was before Caudalie was readily available in the UK, and she had just been to Paris for a job. I was quite taken aback to be given these treats for absolutely no reason other than that she wanted to give them to me, but I readily accepted!

On my reckoning, I have had this oil for just over four years. It has moved house with me, seen me get engaged and then married (not actually been there in the room, I hasten to add!), has seen me through career crises and arguments, family dramas, friend-feuds..

Bye-bye Huile de Bain! Caudalie have decided not to make you anymore so this really is goodbye. I’ll miss your Relaxante et Drainante effects and the fact that you only need a few drops of you in a bath to  make the whole room smell nice! I’ll miss your actual smell, because I have got quite used to you being my go-to (hate that phrase!) bath oil. Perhaps, sometime in the future, we’ll meet again. In a spa. In a stranger’s bathroom. At a hotel. Who knows?


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