The Sunday Tittle Tattle: Naughty Knickers and Lying Down

the goldfinch book recommendations

1) I am mostly spending the weekend lying down, reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. (It’s mammoth. I spend hours at a time lost in it only to find that I’ve hardly made a dent. If you order it, then I’d recommend the Kindle version – I’m getting muscly wrists from propping up the hardback!) Last week’s CoLab launch was the most exhilerating experience (if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to then see here) but it was also exhausting. I have never spoken so many words to so many different people! It was like getting married, when you feel the need to work your way around the room, non-stop talking and making sure everyone’s ok – except that there was no cake. And no first dance. So I’m tucked up, gargantuan hardback book straining my arms, having a bit of a lazy weekend. (I tell a lie: I worked most of yesterday. But in my pyjamas, so I’m not sure that counts. Is work still work if you’re not dressed?)

2) Lovers of naughty knickers: Agent Provocateur have a 75% flash sale on. I know. I clicked on the link and instantly regretted it; I simply cannot ignore a discount that good, and now I have even more “save for best” knickers to add to my colourful collection. One day, I’ll start wearing them all. (Not at once.) I can highly recommend the Margot briefs, if you’re looking for something ridiculously sexy but at the same time wearable; I had them on my lust-list ages ago here, but now they’re less than a quarter of the price. Nice. Agent P 75% off Flash Sale

cream british shorthair

3) Pets! We are all spending the weekend lying down, evidently. Here’s Mr Bear asleep on a shopping bag (above), and Dexter the cockapoo (below) who waited so long for a spider to move that he ended up dozing off. I don’t think he realised that the spider was dead… (First spider I’ve had in the house, incidentally, because my Mum surrounded the property with a massive piles of conkers. Mad method, but seems to have worked.)

golden cockapoo

4) Sorry to Daily Fix subscribers; the video diary of my launch day that was embedded into yesterday’s email was a corrupted file and many people just had sound and no visuals or big chunks of video missing. I seem to be having a run of bad luck with my video uploads lately, so I shall be more careful. Here’s the full version of the video, glitch-free!


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